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Gifu Japan – A Traditional Prefecture You Need To Visit In Japan!
If you are looking to explore an authentic and traditonal area in Japan, look no further than Gifu Prefecture! Visit amazing places like Takayama, Okuhida, Gero Onsen and so on. In one world, you will be blow away by the landscapes here and you won’t regret to travel there.

But don’t trust us and let’s discover together why you should definitely visit this area in Japan.
Gifu Japan – A prefecture full of culture and history
The first reason why you should really visit this beautiful area is that the culture here is strong and still on going. People are very attached to their traditions so traveling to Gifu is like traveling in time. For example, you will be able to see the famous gassho style thatched house which are so photogenic. You can especially find them in Takayama or Shirawago village. But there’s also a lot of crafts that you can find in this area.
Amazing Landscapes
Another great reason to visit Gifu Prefecture is to witness the amazing view on the mountains surrounding the area. It’s beautiful in all seasons but I would advice you to go there during winter to enjoy the snow cape on the lands.
Off the beaten track
Last but not least, this prefecture is not very know yet by foreign visitors so you won’t find a lot of tourist visiting the cities with you. I actually don’t mind to be surrounded by tourists but when it’s too much it can be annoying. In Gifu prefecture, you shouldn’t get these issues and you will be able to explore the real Japan on your own. How cool is that!


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