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Japanese Culture – Discover The Traditions of the Land of the Rising Sun

Japanese Culture – Discover in these blog posts all you need to know about the culture in Japan including the historical traditions, the new trends and everything in between.

Japanese Culture – The Traditions

The history of Japan is very rich and the peak of the culture is probable the Edo period when the country closed the borders and lived completely on its own during hundred of years. At that time, people develop a lot of customs that are still available today! This include geisha culture but also Ryokan, the Japanese traditional inns… The more you learn about the traditions of Japan, the more you discover something new so it looks really infinite. To finish, we have to note that the government and all the Japanese people are doing a really good job at preserving these traditions in order to strengthen their identity.

The New Trends

The local culture is not limited to historical customs. Indeed, Japan is very active during the modern times and it created a lot of new trends that cross borders and invade the world. When we speak about Pop culture, we quickly thing about Japanese anime and Manga but there’s also the Japanese pop music and the fashion styles like the Kawaii style for example.

As you can see, there’s a lot to discover in the land of the rising sun and we will make sure to introduce the different aspects of local practices in a nice and easy way. Have fun!

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