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Osaka Travel Blog – All You Need To Know To Plan Your Trip To Osaka !

Osaka Travel Blog – Discover in these blog posts all you need to know to plan your trip to Osaka including accommodation tips, the best places to visit, how to get there and so on..

But first, let’s try to see together why you need to explore this amazing city in Japan!

Osaka  Travel Blog – The Food Scene

Many people travel to Japan for one big objective : eat the delicious Japanese food. Well, in Osaka, this one is covered! It won’t be about fine food like you can find in Kyoto or Tokyo for example. The specialities of this area is more focused on street food and I bet you will love it. The number one dish you need to try there is Takoyaki but don’t miss the Okonomiyaki either.

Osaka  Travel Blog – The People

People in this city are quite different than the average Japanese people. When most of the Japanese are very polite and respect the codes of the society, Osaka people are bit more rebels! And I actually love it. So don’t be surprised to see people singing or dancing in the streets, it’s quite normal over there. People will try to speak with you, specially if you are foreigner and you will be able to make friends pretty quick.

Many Places to Visit

In terms of sightseeing, this area is also very rich. For example, you should not miss the Osaka Castle, Dotombori or also Shinsekai street. If you have time, make sure to also go to Minoo waterfalls for a small hike. It’s wonderful!

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