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Kyoto Travel Blog – All You Need To Know To Explore Kyoto!

Kyoto Travel Blog – Discover all our travel tips to visit the most traditional and historical region of Japan. Kyoto is an unmissable city when you go to Japan and and we give you here useful info to help you to plan your trip. But first, let’s understand together why you need to travel to this city.

Kyoto Travel Blog – A Historical City

This city is actually the old capital of the country and the emperors of Japan use to live there for a very long time. In the history of the land of the rising sun, Kyoto has a very big place and it used to be the center of the power in the country. But even if today’s capital is Tokyo, this place still have a tremendous influence on the whole country.

Kyoto Travel Blog – The Traditional Heart of Japan

With its unique history, Kyoto is the heart of the Japanese traditions. When you visit this place, it’s like you travel in time. You will be surrounded by a lot of old wooden building and you may encounter a geisha or a maiko from time to time. Everything is very special in this city and that’s what it makes it very unique.

Temples and shrines everywhere

After this quick introduction, it easy to understand why we can find so many beautiful temples and shrines here. Some of them are really masterpieces. I’m thinking about the Kinkakuji temple for example but also about the Fushimi Inari Taisha shrine with its beautiful torii gates alley.

You can actually add to that the bamboo forest in Arashiyama and many more places. But if you want to go out from the city, the whole prefecture is amazing so make sure to travel around and visit places like Amanohashidate or Ine fishing village.

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