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Nagano Japan – All Our Travel Tips To Visit This Amazing Prefecture!
Nagano Japan – Discover in this part of our blog all our travel tips to plan your trip to Nagano prefecture in Japan. The information we share here include transportations tips, a selection of the best travel accommodation and also the best things to visit in each city. Takes notes and discover what this area have to offer.
Nagano Japan – The perfect prefecture for a ski trip
Let’s start from the beginning! After being the host of the winter olympics in 1998, all the world was able to witness all the amazing ski spots that this area has to offer. And as the powder can’t be find easily in Asia, Nagano became one of the most popular places for skiers and snowboarders. Many ski resorts can be found and the most famous are Hakuba and Nozawa Onsen.
Still Unknown
Even if many spots are visited by winter sport fans every year, this area of Japan is still unknown and the tourists in Japan are just starting to get to know it. With the help of social media, amazing places are starting to get the spotlight. A good example is for example the gorgeous post town of Narai Juku who is located on the old Nakasendo road.
Onsen and Snow Monkeys
Another reason to get to Nagano prefecture is to enjoy the amazing onsen (hot spring) it has to offer. They are simply incredible and a lot of them offer unreal mountains view. But not only humans can enjoy the hot spring of the area! They are also the cheeky snow monkeys who soak in the warm waters of the onsen all day long during winter.


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