Glamping Japan – 10 Amazing Spots For A Luxury Retreat Experience In Japan 

Glamping Japan - Niseko Winter Outdoor Stay Experience - Bongo 1

Glamping Japan – Glamping, aka ‘glamorous camping’ brings the whole idea of camping outdoors to a whole new luxurious level. Yes, you can wake up to the sunrise, birds chirping and the sounds of nearby lakes without a sore back from lying on the ground all night!

Japan is most probably one of the best countries that you can experience a glamping trip in. It’s renowned for its stunning natural beauty, cleanliness, and unique culture – all of which can be experienced during a glamping trip! The experience is completely hassle-free. The host sets up the spot for you and often provides food and suggested activities. All you need to do is rock up and relax.

Glamping Japan Tent

One of the best things about these luxury glamping retreat experiences in Japan is actually the views and surroundings that you get to experience. Most of the time, they will be located somewhere remote and exclusive. Imagine waking up to the beautiful sounds and sights of nature in a country like Japan…sounds like a dream!

The most tell-tale sign of a Japanese glamping experience, though, would be the BBQ facility. Nothing beats a chilling out on a hammock whilst your BBQ dinner is leisurely cooking in the background.

Glamping Japan Tent

If you’re a keen outdoor enthusiast but not a keen sore back enthusiast, a proper glamping trip in the great outdoors in Japan is precisely what you need. We’ve curated a fantastic list below of the top 10 amazing spots for a luxury glamping trip in Japan.

1. Dot Glamping Japan

Glamping Japan Dot Glamping 1

A promise made by this glamping spot is that you’ll immediately experience the slow-down of time as you settle in for amazing views of Mount Fuji and Lake Kawaguchi.

Glamping Japan Dot Glamping 3

Dot Glamping is situated in a location where you will get uninterrupted views for miles. It’s simplistic yet considered layout and provisions means that you get exactly what you pay for – a comfortable glamping experience with all necessary amenities for a easy and memorable stay, and nothing more or less.

Glamping Japan Dot Glamping 2

The generous balcony allows you sweeping views of the quaint neighbouring town and mountains. There is air-con for those staying over in summer (phew!), free Wi-Fi, and also a sun terrace that can be used by all guests.

Glamping Japan Dot Glamping 3

What Guests Say: View is amazing. Highly recommend using the fantastic BBQ facilities provided as well. The location is perfect if you’re looking for somewhere calming and local.

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2. Glamping Eco Tour with Mount Fuji Views

We stay around Mount Fuji with this very cool Glamping Eco tour. It’s an all-inclusive experience and your host will come to pick you up from Fujinomiya train station. You will spend 2 days and one night in the countryside of Japan while enjoying the view on Fuji-san!

This experience is focused on ecology so it includes harvesting vegetables from local farms for example. You will also enjoy a Yakiniku barbecue with local wagyu beef. There’s even a sake brewery visit include in this tour with sake tasting!

Nature lovers will love this experience too cause it includes the visit of Shiraito Waterfalls which is classified as a World Heritage site.

Book HereGlamping Eco Tour with Mount Fuji Views

3. Kawaguchiko Country Cottage Ban – Glamping Resort

Kawaguchiko Country Cottage Ban - Glamping Resort 1

This glamping spot is another one that commands incredible views of Lake Kawaguchiko.

Kawaguchiko Country Cottage Ban - Glamping Resort 1

The quaint cottage features everything you’d need for a comfortable stay: en-suite, kitchen, flat-screen, and a gorgeous terrace. For relaxation, make sure you nap away on the hammock provided whilst listening to the birds chirp nearby.

Kawaguchiko Country Cottage Ban - Glamping Resort 1

If you’re keen, they also provide indoor and outdoor public baths for all guests to use. Both of these offer beautiful views of Mount Fuji as well as Lake Kawaguchiko.

Kawaguchiko Country Cottage Ban - Glamping Resort 1

For those looking for a convenient glamping option, this is it. It’s located only 10-minutes away from Lake Kawaguchiko and 16-minutes from Kawaguchiko station.

What Guests Say: The incredibly generous size of the cottage was welcomed by many, as was the privacy of the cottages. View is second to none, and the night sky as seen from the cottage is stunning.

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4. Niseko Winter Outdoor Stay Experience – Bongo

Glamping Japan - Niseko Winter Outdoor Stay Experience - Bongo 2

For all those who have experienced winter in Japan, there is one thing we can all definitely agree one – it is cold. However, the sharp, crispy, chilly air of Japan is honestly one of the best things about its winter.

Glamping Japan - Niseko Winter Outdoor Stay Experience - Bongo 2

Now, imagine experiencing Japan’s winter…but glamping-style. For those who are conjuring up the image of freezing in a tent surrounded by walls of snow, rest-assured that it is most definitely not like that at all!

This particular Winter Outdoor Stay Experience located in Niseko is unlike any other. Yes, you’ll be staying in a tent, but think glam. It is equipped with a fantastic heater, all bedding amenities necessary to keep you night and snug, and even an indoor bathroom with toilets, sinks and showers!

Glamping Japan - Niseko Winter Outdoor Stay Experience - Bongo 1

What’s even more incredible is that in between the tent and the bathrooms, they’ve fixed up two generous sized shipping containers. The internals have been converted into an insulated kitchen and lounging area with a panoramic window view of Mount Yotei as well as a storage area.

All in all, this is a fantastic glamping experience that veers more on the camping side for those looking for a bit more adventure.

What Guests Say: The kitchen is extremely well-equipped. The morning view is absolutely fantastic. There are great little restaurants nearby if you don’t want to cook. Highly recommend driving your own car as there you may need it to get to places like onsens and grocery stores.

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5. Glamping Japan – Elegant, secluded cabin for couples & families

This one is for the nature buffs. This incredibly stylish log cabin is located in a remote forest area in Iizuna, Nagano, which is an area most famously known for its ski resort in winter.

Elegant, secluded cabin for couples & families

The home itself comfortably caters for a small family or a group of friends. The all-natural log exterior and interior has been designed to complement the wood and leafy surroundings of the cabin.

It’s quaint in size, and yet feels extremely spacious when you consider the good size kitchen, lounging area, and bedding arrangements. There is an indoor fireplace for those chilly winter nights, and during summer it basks under the shade of the forest frees.

Elegant, secluded cabin for couples & families

We highly recommend this place if you’re a bit of a photographer, because it is one of the most aesthetic glamping spots we’ve come across!

What Guests Say: It is absolutely magical for anyone staying in winter here, as you’ll be surrounded by snow in a log cabin. A tip would be to purchase food before you head there, as it is at least a 20-minute drive out to town again.

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6. Okinawa BBQ Glamping

Glamping Japan - Okinawa BBQ Glamping 1

This glamping option is a great one for those who are foodies. It is located in a quiet area yet it provides a gastronomy experience that is quite unlike any other.

Glamping Japan - Okinawa BBQ Glamping 1

It is located in the quaint area of the Okinawa main island so some planning ahead on how to get there would be necessary. There are two sleeping options you can choose from: either the tent option, which is a small, comfortable size of 9 sqm, perfect for a couple or a pair of friends; or there is the luxury three-bedroom villa option, which is suited for larger groups or those after a more comfortable stay.

Glamping Japan - Okinawa BBQ Glamping 2

During your stay, we recommend that you opt for one of the delicious BBQ courses supplied by the organisers. Have the meat grilling in the background whilst you sip on locally made beers such as Orion Draft and Awamori.

What Guests Say: Hanging around at night to see the starry sky is worth it – breathtaking. If you’re after tips, don’t hesitate to ask Johnny, he’s very well-resourced and knowledgeable.

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7. Holly Camp Airstream Villa Amami

Holly Camp Airstream Villa Amami 1

For the ultimate secluded yet comfortable glamping experience, book the Holly Camp Airstream Villa in Amami island. This adorable detached villa, located on the southern end of Kagoshima, is such a dream. Its unique aesthetics include being an actual tin Airstream caravan that’s been refurbished on the inside. On the outside it looks quaint, but the inside shows a completely new world.

The caravan is equipped with a small but well-equipped kitchen (including a coffee machine!), a separate bath and generous size bedroom. There is an outdoor lounge setting where you can relax and take in the views of the endless ocean.

Activities to participate in (if you wish) include sunrise and sunset yoga. You can even book in an aromatherapy massage if you wish, and for the complete experience, we recommend including the additional Italian-style BBQ pack to your booking.

Holly Camp Airstream Villa Amami 5

What Guests Say: An experience quite like any other. Amami Island is so far away from mass tourism so this is a great escape option. Everything is provided (even snorkel equipment) so you don’t have to worry about anything.

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8. Glamping Japan – THE Retreat (near Fukuoka)

This beautiful tented glamping location is quite new to the scene, although it appears to have gotten everything right. Unlike most glamping locations, THE Retreat offers various types of accommodations styles to suit almost every traveller.

You can choose between an actual tent (which includes a shower and toilet), a lodge with a jet bath (the most lux option), a caravan (an upgrade but still rustic alternative to tents) or a room with a loft (the most comfortable option).

Glamping Japan - THE Retreat 2

Regardless of which you choose, there is an abundance of outdoor leisure areas for you to chill and relax. It’s surrounded by nature so the peace and tranquillity you will experience is just *chefs kiss*. There are BBQ food options which you can also add-on when booking the accommodation.

Glamping Japan - THE Retreat 2

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9. Glamping! Glamorous x Camping

Glamping! Glamorous ×Camping 1

It’s ‘location location location’ with this glamping option. Situated a mere two hours away from Tokyo, it may as well be worlds away given that it is located in the middle of nowhere (which is a good thing!).

Glamping! Glamorous ×Camping 1

The raised circular tent is a bit different from the usual, giving it a rustic vibe. It is equipped with a generous sized bed for two people but can also accommodate up to 4 people if needed. The amenities are quite basic inside, but the outside experience is really what sets it apart.

Glamping! Glamorous ×Camping 1

There is a beautiful wooden deck just outside the tent where you can hang and just relax whilst taking in the beautiful surrounding foliage. There’s an egg chair to nap in, a picnic table, and ample space to spread out and do your own thing. There is also an undercover BBQ area that’s perfect for any weather.

What Guests Say: Head to the Yamanami Onsen nearby for a wonderful onsen experience. If you’re staying in winter, prepare some marshmallows for the firepit!

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10. ふれあい広場 The only village in Tokyo Glamping site

Glamping Japan Tokyo 1

This glamping spot is an absolute gem. It’s often been referred to as a great way to ease people into the idea of camping. It’s located in an idyllic private location amongst nature, and yet provides all the necessary amenities and facilities for a wonderfully comfortable stay.

Glamping Japan Tokyo 1

The tent itself is super spacious and the bed is a generous size. It’s also raised quite high so if you’re tall, it’s not a problem here! There is a quaint little fireplace outside for toasty winter nights as well as a picnic dining set to chill during the afternoon. Before you start to wonder, yes, the BBQ is fantastic here, does the job quickly, easily, and hassle-free.

Glamping Japan Tokyo 1

One of the best features about this glamp-site is the fact that it offers its own jacuzzi hot tub! Imagine sitting in the warmth of the tub listening to the birds chirp around you and feeling the cool breeze on your skin. Simply magic.

Glamping Japan Tokyo 1

For those who really want to escape and be alone amongst nature, this is the best option.

What Guests Say: Some guests have had repeated stays here – it’s that good! Everything is super clean and well-equipped so you don’t have to bring much at all; however, do bring enough food as there aren’t many shops around. Access via car is easiest, although you can also arrive via public transport (bus).

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+1 Glamping Japan – The Enclave (Chiba)

The Enclave 7

Often our lists have no particular order of importance, however, in this instance we have (probably) saved the best for last.

The Enclave is the baby of an American owner who also acts as the personal chef of guests staying at this beautiful property. Described as a ‘unique property and private dining experience in the coastal forests of Japan’s Pacific Coast’, The Enclave is second to none in terms of location (nestled in a tranquil forest), tasteful decor, and gastronomy experience.

The Enclave 7

Once you settle in, you can head outside and relax next to the beautiful koi pond, fountain, manicured garden and amongst the fruit trees. In the cooler months, light up the firepit and toast some marshmallows.

The Enclave 7

A unique aspect of the beauty of this place lies in the illuminations you get to experience at night. Once the sun goes down, extensive solar-powered lighting switch on, lighting up the fountain, pathways, gardens, and grounds. It’s quite a sight to behold!

The Enclave 7

If you’re looking for a pet-friendly glamping option, look no further. A carefully constructed doghouse is located on the ground which also hosts a generous-sized enclosed dog run where your pup can roam as freely as it allows.

The Enclave

All that is mentioned above does not even cover the best bit. As an optional-add on (minimum of at least one night), guests may choose to dine on Chef Jon’s full-course menus, created and prepared in-house. The menu items use only the freshest seasonal ingredients and thus are subject to change frequently. It’s like receiving five-star service and food right in your own home. Highly recommended for your entire stay!

The Enclave 7

What Guests Say: The full-course meal prepared by Jon was by far some of the tastiest dishes experienced by many guests. If you’re staying for more than one night, we definitely suggest booking it in for at least one dinner event! There is also cheap bike hire which you can use to explore the local area as well as visit shops and other restaurants.

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Who knew that glamping is actually quite popular in Japan? We’ve made sure that on this list there are plenty of options for the adventure-seekers, the ‘comfort-creechers’, and most importantly, first-timers. Glamorous camping is basically just that – a way to get connected to nature via camping, but making the experience glam.

It’s a great way to introduce people to the world of camping. It’s also an affordable option to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. For those looking for a unique romantic trip, glamping is also a top option.

Whilst camping is generally known as a summertime activity, many options listed above thrive during wintertime, so don’t write it off as an end-of-year getaway just yet!

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