Cherry Blossom Forecast Japan Spring 2022 – When To Enjoy Sakura

Cherry Blossom Forecast Japan Spring Sakura 2

Cherry Blossom Forecast Japan Spring 2022 – This is the time we’ve been all waiting for! The cherry blossoms in Japan (Sakura) is THE EVENT OF THE YEAR and everyone can’t wait to enjoy watching these gorgeous pink flowers.

The Sakura are actually more than just a flower in Japan, they are one of the important symbol of the country and they represent ephemeral beauty. Indeed, no matter how gorgeous they are, they only last 2 weeks, making us amazed and then a bit sad and melancholic.

But Sakura are also a symbol of hope cause they always return! 🙂

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The cherry blossoms forecast for 2022 were recently released and they will come a bit earlier than usual this year.

2 dates are important to note, the start of the blooming and the full bloom that usually occurs few days later. The best time to enjoy Sakura is when the flowers are completely open but don’t worry if you few days away from the exact date. As long as you visit the Sakura spots around that date, you will be fine!

The blooming of the cherry flowers depend significantly on the weather. That’s why they bloom at different times in the country.

Here are the full bloom dates for Spring 2022 in Japan:

Cherry Blossom Sakura Forecast Spring 2022 Japan

For the start of the blooming, here are the dates for each major city in Japan:

  • Sapporo: April 30
  • Aomori: April 22
  • Sendai: April 8
  • Tokyo: March 24
  • Kanazawa: April 5
  • Nagano: April 12
  • Nagoya: March 24
  • Kyoto: March 28
  • Osaka: March 28
  • Wakayama: March 29
  • Hiroshima: March 25
  • Kochi: March 21
  • Fukuoka: March 20
  • Kagoshima: March 23

Cherry Blossom Forecast Japan Spring Sakura 1

Now that you know when the Sakura will bloom during spring 2022, you may want to know where to see them. We got you covered! Here are our lists of the best cherry blossom spots in Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka:

Another important thing to note is that rains may accelerate the fall of the Sakura flowers. So check the weather regularly and plan your travel plans accordingly!

There’s another type of Sakura called Kawazu Zakura and they bloom earlier than the majority of the cherry blossoms (February). You can get more info here: Kawazu Zakura.

Another exciting time to travel to Japan is Autumn, specially to see the Momiji, the red maple leaves. If you are interested, check out the Autumn Foliage Forecast here!

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