10 Popular Japanese Candies You Definitely Need To Try

Best Japanese Candies Japan

10 Best Japanese Candies – Japanese snacks have long held a special place in people’s hearts. Their super eccentric and eye-catching packaging along with a wide range of fun and unique flavours makes it a bottomless pit of party foods that you can only hope to try all at least once in your life.

Japanese candies in particular are high up in the food chain for those looking for a party in their mouths. Most childhoods are filled with all sorts of candy treats, from hard-boiled sweets that you’d suck on all afternoon long, to soft and chewy gummies that seem to all disappear the moment you open the packet.

If you’re new to Japanese candies and you want to try some popular ones, it can be a little overwhelming! In a country where you can purchase chocolate-dipped shrimp crackers, mayonnaise ice cream, octopus ice cream, and even curry-flavoured lemonade, where do you even start with the candy?

The 10 Best Japanese Candies You Have to Try

Have a look below, as we’ve curated the top 10 popular Japanese candies you need to try at least once!

  1. Hi-Chew
  2. Super Lemon Candy
  3. Milky Candy
  4. Fettuccine Gummy Candy
  5. Crunky Chocolate Balls
  6. Popin Cookin
  7. Kororo Gummy
  8. Otoko Ume Candy
  9. Konpeito
  10. Apollo

1. Hi-Chew

Best Japanese Candies - Hi-Chew

We’re starting off this list with Japan’s number 1 selling candy, Hi-Chew! These are one of the most sought-after candies amongst Japanese children and foreigners, purely because of their huge range of fun and delicious flavours. 

Hi-Chew comes in a bar with individually wrapped pieces, making it easy to share with family and friends! Their most popular flavours include green apple, grape and strawberry.

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2. Super Lemon Candy

Best Japanese Candies - Super Lemon Candy

The bright yellow packaging with the comic artwork makes this candy super distinct and recognisable. Super Lemon Candy is actually considered Japan’s most famous hard candy!

As you would expect, the initial taste when popping one of these into your mouth is going to be a little wild, a lot sour, and definitely eye-watering. Don’t be turned off though, because once you get past the initial stage, it becomes addictively sweet!

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3. Milky Candy

Best Japanese Candies - Milky Candy

Japanese Milky Candy is quite unlike anything you’ve ever had before. It contains the taste of natural milk combined with a comforting sweetness, without adding any additional flavouring or colouring! The taste is derived from Hokkaido, so you know that the milk they’re using is of quality level.

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4. Fettuccine Gummy Candy

Best Japanese Candies - Fettuccine Gummy Candy

This candy is pretty much exactly how you’d imagine: in the shape of squiggly fettuccine pasta, with a chewy gummy texture.

It’s actually pretty addictive! 

The distinctive mochi-like chewiness is made better by the extra coating of sour powder. The balance between sweet and sour is the utmost perfection with these Fettuccine Gummy Candy – it’s no wonder it’s super popular amongst children and adults!

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5. Crunky Chocolate Balls

Best Japanese Candies - Crunky Chocolate Balls

For those looking for a chocolate candy alternative, be warned, the Japanese Crunky Chocolate Balls can get seriously addictive.

Whilst they’re readily available in distinctive Japanese flavours such as green tea, it’s the original milk chocolate that holds a special place in our hearts. Just imagine small, perfect size chocolate balls that burst with bits of delicious malt as you bite into them. It’s almost impossible to stop at one.

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6. Popin Cookin

Best Japanese Candies - Popin Cookin

What’s Japanese candy without a bit of unusual options? For example, take the Japanese Popin Cookin craze. With these candy kits, you have to ‘prepare’ and ‘cook’ the candy before you can eat it, but don’t worry, it’s super easy and super fun!

With most kits, all you need to do is simply add water and food colouring and bam – you’ve got your candy to eat! There are many kits available in a range of ‘food’ options, such as sushi, doughnuts, and even bento boxes!

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7. Kororo Gummy

Best Japanese Candies - Kororo Gummy

Kororo Gummy is distinguishable by its premium-looking plastic round packaging. It’s a simple gummy candy that reels people in with its beautiful packaging and keeps people around with its deliciously fruity flavours.

Unlike other gummy candies, Kororo Gummy boasts a more jelly-like texture than pure gummy. The outer layer is thicker than most gummy candy, but once you bite into it, the softness inside is simply addictive.

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8. Otoko Ume Candy

Best Japanese Candies - Otoko Ume Candy

Most candies listed here are enjoyed universally, and none so far have been as traditional as the Otoko ume candy. Otoko ume candy is a Japanese favourite.

If you haven’t tried ume before, it’s sourness might shock you at first, but it eventually dissolves to a sweet flavour. This sour plum/apricot flavoured hard candy is covered in an additional light layer of ume powder, giving you a double dose of ume-flavour!

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9. Konpeito

Best Japanese Candies - Konpeito 1

Konpeito is the oldest Japanese candy on this list, with the first versions of this candy dating all the way back to the 16th century!

This basic Japanese hard candy is made from sugar glucose into the shape of little adorable stars. Their colourful pastel shades make it appealing to children all across the nation.

The name ‘Konpeito’ is actually derived from the Portuguese word “confeito” which is a type of sugar candy. It’s highly fitting, since it was the Portuguese traders in the 16th century who introduced it to Japan!

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10. Apollo

Best Japanese Snacks Treats - Apollo Strawberry Chocolate

Last but not least, Apollo chocolate candy is often considered a classic treat for children in Japan. These tetra-shaped chocolate pieces are made of a bottom layer of milk chocolate layered with a top layer of strawberry chocolate – the perfect duo.

If you finish one of these boxes in one sitting, just know that you’re not alone.

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We absolutely loved sharing our knowledge about Japanese candies with you, and if you’re interested in more, why not read about our top 20 Japanese snacks? You might find some recognisable names there, but we guarantee you’ll come across some gems you haven’t heard of before!

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