Kawazu Zakura – How To Enjoy Early Cherry Blossoms In Japan

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Wanna enjoy Sakura in February near Tokyo? Yes, it’s possible with the Kawazu Zakura!

As you all know, the sakura flowers in Japan usually start to bloom during Spring. For Tokyo area for example, the cherry blossoms are usually in full bloom at the end of March. To check the exact dates, you can read this post: Sakura Forecast Japan.

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There are a lot of different types of cherry trees in Japan and one of them has an interesting feature: its flowers bloom quite early comparing to the rest! These particular cherry blossoms are called Kawazu Zakura as they were first discovered in Kawazu city in Izu peninsula. And they start to bloom in February!

When to see Kazazu Zakura?

Kawazu Zakura Early Cherry Blossom Japan 4

The Kawazu Zakura start to bloom early February so if you happen to be in Japan at that time, make sure you give Kawazu a visit!

In addition to appear early, the Kawazu Sakura flowers bloom at a slow pace comparing to most of Sakura trees. Therefore, you can enjoy viewing these beautiful flowers during a longer period (one full month) comparing to the majority of Sakura flowers (only 2 weeks).

The best time to enjoy the Kawazu Zakura is from early February to early March and the flowers are usually in full bloom in mid-February.

Where to see Kawazu Zakura?

Kawazu Zakura Early Cherry Blossom Japan

The best spot to see Kawazu Sakura is along the banks of the Kawazu river (exact location here). This is where Kawazu Cherry Blossoms Festival is held every year in February.

Kawazu Zakura Early Cherry Blossom Japan

During the festival, in addition to an amazing Sakura tunnel, you will be able to enjoy a lot of stalls (Yatai) serving delicious street foods! Don’t miss the sakura-themed Taiyaki!

Sakura Taiyaki Pink

During the festival, you may even buy small Kawazu Zakura trees to plant in your garden.

How to get to Kawazu?

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The best way to get to Kawazu is to take the train from Tokyo. One of the fastest route is to take a direct train from Shinagawa station via the LTD. EXP ODORIKO line. The whole trip will last 2h and 20 minutes and it will cost 5,800 yen.

Shinagawa to Kawazu

If you are looking for a cheaper (but longer) option, you can also get to Kawazu from Shinagawa with the following JR Lines.

Shinagawa to Kawazu

It will take you a bit more than 3 hours to reach your destination and it will cost you 3,700 yen (2,100 yen less). You can use Hyperdia to find the route that suits you the most.

While you can visit Kawazu during a day trip from Tokyo, we recommend you to stay overnight and travel to other beautiful cities in Izu peninsula like Atami, Ito or Shimoda.

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