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Peach PLane Flight

The state of emergency has been lifted in Japan and with the number of new cases going down, we can finally travel within the country safely.

And if we didn’t have enough reasons to travel around Japan, here’s another one: Peach-Hodai!

What is the Peach Hodai pass?

If you don’t know Peach, it’s basically a Japanese airline company that is specialised in low-cost flights. Recently, they just released they brand new offer and I’m sure you are going to love it!

Imagine a pass what would allow you to travel all around Japan during one month for just ¥20,000! When only a one-way Shinkansen trip Tokyo-Kyoto costs around ¥16,000, this pass can make you save a lot of money.

For your information, Peach covers 33 domestic routes in Japan so you can almost go anywhere in the country.

When Can You Use The Pass?

Let’s talk about the details of the pass now.

First of all, this pass will only be usable during November 2021! You won’t be able to travel with the pass during any other month. November is actually a great month to travel in Japan as it’s the Koyo season. Here are our 10 favourite Autumn leaves spots in Japan if you need some inspiration.

Prices Of The Peach Hodai Pass

Let’s check the prices of the passes now.

We have 2 categories of pass:

  • Light: flight only
  • Regular: flight + one luggage + seat selection

IMPORTANT NOTES: the number of passes is limited! Unfortunately, only 150 passes will  be available during this campaign.

The first 30 passes will be super cheap:

  • Light Pass = ¥19,800
  • Regular Pass = ¥29,800

The next 120 passes will be ¥10,000 more expensive:

  • Light Pass = ¥29,800
  • Regular Pass = ¥39,800

The passes will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis and the campaign will start the 19th of October at 12:00 (noon).

So make sure you connect to Peach website when the campaign starts and good luck for everyone who try to get a pass!

And if you get it, enjoy your trips! 🙂

Sugoii Japan Team


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