The 12 Best Japanese Face Washes & Cleansers You Need To Get In 2024

Japanese Face Washes and Cleansers

Anyone who is into skincare will know that there are many Japanese brands that are superior in that market. They’re popular and highly sought after from people all around the world. This is because the Japanese standard of skincare is one that is globally agreeable; fresh-faced, bright skin, and all natural!

Famous names like Shiseido and SK-II are sold all around the world, from drugstores to upscale department stores. However, Japanese household cleansing names such as DHC, Kanebo, Biore, and AHA hold as much popularity and presence in Japan as the formers.

When shopping around for a cleanser, the average person in Japan will turn to drugstores. However, if your Japanese reading skills is minimal, be warned that it can be a bit overwhelming!

Besides the brand name, which may be in English, most of the writing on these bottles will be in Japanese. If you don’t know what you’re looking for, you can literally spend hours pursuing through the aisle.

You should probably know that whilst all cleansers offer the same basic function, cleansing the skin, there are many added ingredients that also enhance the experience. Some are made for skin brightening, some to cleanse oily skin, etc.

The 12 Best Japanese Face Washes and Cleansers In 2024

We’ve gone and done the research for you, and have listed below the top 12 best Japanese face washes and cleansers!

  1. Senka Perfect Whip
  2. Biore Skincare Facial Foam – 5 Skin Types
  3. Hada Labo Foaming Cleanser
  4. Pair Acne Creamy Foam Face Cleanser
  5. Tonyu Isoflavone Facial Cleansing Wash
  6. Kanebo Suisai Beauty Clear Powder
  7. Bifesta Bright Up Foaming Whip
  8. DHC Deep Cleansing Oil
  9. Mentholatum Acnes
  10. Rosette Cleansing Paste – Sea Mud Smooth
  11. Curel Intensive Moisture Care Foaming Wash
  12. Transino Clean Wash

1. Senka Perfect Whip

Japanese Face Washes - Senka Perfect Whip

This recognisable blue bottle is one of Japan’s bestselling cleansers of the last decade – an incredible feat to have!

Senka’s Perfect Whip cleanser is the perfect product to try if you’re just getting into Japanese skincare products. It deep-cleans the skin of all impurities, is rich in moisture (and contains hyaluronic acid), and is suitable for most skin types. It aids in riding pores of dirt and dead skin but doesn’t strip the face of moisture.

It’s also SUPER affordable and you can pretty much find it anywhere! For those with sensitive noses, it does have a slight floral scent.

2. Biore Skincare Facial Foam – 5 Skin Types

Biore Skincare Facial Foam - 5 Skin Types

Biore is a household name all over the world. It’s grounded itself as a leading provider of skincare products, and its facial cleansers are no exception.

For those who want a simple and basic skincare product that will clean and purify the skin, and nothing more, this is the perfect option.

Because of its perfect balance of ingredients without going overboard on additional benefits, it’s one of the most affordable options on this list!

When you’re looking to purchase this, use the following list to assist with your search:

  1. Blue – Regular skin type
  2. Orange – Dry skin type
  3. Green – Acne-prone skin type
  4. Purple – Oily skin type
  5. Pink – Scrub cleanser

3. Hada Labo Foaming Cleanser

Japanese Face Washes - Hada Labo Foaming Cleanser

Another household name in Japanese homes, the famous Hada Labo foaming cleanser is another super-moisturising cleanser that doesn’t strip the face of oils. It comes out as a milky texture that is filled with ingredients to easily break down the dirt barriers on the face.

It combines an impressive 3 types of hyaluronic acids to assist with moisturising, anti-aging, and dehydration.

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This one is particularly suitable for sensitive skin as it’s considered a mild and gentle cleanser. It’s also colour and fragrance-free.

4. Pair Acne Creamy Foam Face Cleanser

Japanese Face Washes - Pair Acne Creamy Foam Face Cleanser

If you’re looking for something to tackle stubborn acne, maybe give the Pair Acne creamy foam cleanser a try. This medicated Japanese face wash is specially formulated for acne-prone skin in adults.

Its main goal is to reduce excessive oil production on the skin, keep breakouts at bay, remove dead skin cells, and clear pores. It contains ingredients such as soybean extracts and vitamin-C to assist with this.

5. Tonyu Isoflavone Facial Cleansing Wash

Japanese Face Washes - Tonyu Isoflavone Facial Cleansing Wash

This instantly recognisable tube (it’s white with orange bubbles – you know what we’re talking about!), is another drugstore bestseller in Japan. Its trademark is its promise that your face will feel like “mochi” after using it!

This soybean cleanser is great because you only need a pea-size amount which results in great foaming. The cleanser provides a refreshing cleanse on the face and the soya milk ingredient helps retain moisture and leaves the skin feeling soft and supple after use.

6. Kanebo Suisai Beauty Clear Powder

Japanese Face Washes - Kanebo Suisai Beauty Clear Powder

If you’ve never used these little pellets before, they might seem a little odd at first!

This enzyme wash comes in the form of small individually packaged powder. However, like most cleansers on this list, you will need to add moisture to activate it.

The advanced cleansing power of this wash is actually incredible. It’s moisturising and brightening at the same time, all the while keeping the skin smooth and soft and feeling incredibly fresh after a wash.

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It may look small in size, but it’s big in results. It’s known for its ability to deep-clean dead skin cells, penetrate through dirt layers and tackle impurities at the core.

Interestingly, one of the main reasons why this is popular is because it is super convenient for travelling. Long gone are the days where you have to worry about liquid cleanser spilling inside your luggage. Just bring along these dry powder packets instead!

7. Bifesta Bright Up Foaming Whip

Bifesta Bright Up Foaming Whip

The Bifesta brand is known for combining ingredients which really tackle deep impurities, and its Bright Up Foaming Whip is no exception. It literally claims to ‘bright up’ the skin with its cleansing ability!

This thick foaming cleanser contains carbonic acid. This is an ingredient known for its superior ability to penetrate through thick layers of dead skin and dirt. This, combined with lactic acid, makes it a great option for those looking for an effective yet gentle cleanser to wash off stubborn makeup.

8. DHC Deep Cleansing Oil

Japanese Face Washes - DHC Deep Cleansing Oil

As the first oil cleansing contender on this list, DHC really sets the standard. DHC is actually one of the most trusted cosmetic companies in Japan. 

The DHC deep cleansing oil is one of the most popular items to purchase across the entire drugstore product range. This gentle cleansing oil is often used by many people as a pre-cleanser to wipe off surface-level dirt and grime, and break down the walls of stubborn makeup before using a foaming cleanser.

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Many beauty bloggers actually encourage double cleanser because it provides a much deeper clean and addresses all areas of impurities on the face.

The DHC cleansing oil feels super light and offers high levels of moisture, so you won’t ever feel stripped of oil even if you double cleanse.

9. Japanese Face Washes and Cleansers – Mentholatum Acnes

Japanese Face Washes - Mentholatum Acnes

Here is another option on this list for those with acne-prone skin. The Mentholatum Acnes cleanser is a medicated face wash that is specially formulated for those with oily and acne skin.

It contains a few medical ingredients that address dermal facial troubles. It directly addresses dirt, oil, and excess sebum to prevent pimples. It also fights against whiteheads and blackheads.

It deep-cleanses and results in clean and fresh-looking skin without over-stripping the oils on the face which could result in flare ups. You will feel refreshed without that tight skin feeling afterwards.

10. Rosette Cleansing Paste – Sea Mud Smooth

Japanese Face Washes - Rosette Cleansing Paste - Sea Mud Smooth

The Rosette cleansing paste products have long been a popular product with young females. It’s gorgeous packaging features sparkles and mirrors that just stand out from the rest.

The green Rosette Cleansing Paste, which is the Sea Mud Smooth product, is a great cleanser for those looking for a deep but gentle wash. It contains the ingredient kaidei which is combined with plant and rose extracts. This results in a cleanser that effectively absorbs excess dirt and oil without being too harsh on the skin.

11. Curel Intensive Moisture Care Foaming Wash

Japanese Face Washes - Curel Intensive Moisture Care Foaming Wash

For those with sensitive skin, this may be a good option for you. This mild and gentle cleanser breaks down dirt barriers and completely washes away impurities, all the while maintaining the s protective skin barrier so you don’t dry out.

This foaming cleanser contains ceramide which keeps the face moist. It also contains anti-inflammatory agents to prevent skin irritation.

If you’re not a fan of washes or cleansers with smells, this one has been formulated to be alcohol and fragrance free!

12. Japanese Face Washes and Cleansers – Transino Clear Wash

Transino Clear Wash

Last but most definitely not least, this face wash by Transino has won the ‘best face wash products’ in 2017, awarded by Cosme. 

This medicated wash comes in a beautiful creamy texture, which lathers up to provide a deep cleanse to get rid of old skin cells. It also contains ingredients to assist with freckles, skin spots, and dull skin, resulting in a brighter skin tone with regular use.

If you have dry skin, this may be a suitable option, as it offers penetrative moisturising abilities.

I hope you enjoy this list of the best Japanese face washes and cleansers. With so many to choose from, there has to be one on this list for your skin type. The Japanese people take their skincare quite seriously, and so you should too!

There are so many cleansers out there with ingredients to tackle all skin concerns, so even if you haven’t thought about having a serious skincare routine before, it’s never too late.

We recommend going for the all-rounder cleansers to test before trying something a bit more powerful. However, given that all of these products are so affordable, you can probably purchase a few at a time!

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