The 10 Best Japanese Facial Masks For A Better Skin Health In 2024

Japanese Facial Masks

Japanese facial masks are the craze right now. In fact, they have been for the past few years, and there seems to be no signs of it slowing down!

What makes them so popular, you ask?

In recent years when skincare popularity went through the roof, people began turning to countries like Japan and South Korea. Hailed as some of the leading countries in the world in terms of beauty products, it didn’t take much time for many brands to become household names.

One of the items that became super popular to use personally as well as purchase as gifts is face masks.

The rise of Korean and Japanese dramas saw the gradual interest in face masks also grow. People became more and more exposed to the benefits and regular use of them through streaming shows on places like Netflix.

As of now, there are hundreds of brands of face masks that you can purchase. However, some particular Japanese brands have sought the top position in terms of popularity and they aren’t letting go anytime soon.

We’ve listed below 10 of the best Japanese facial masks that you can use for better skin.

1. Lululun Pink Face Masks

Japanese Facial Masks - Lululun Pink Face Masks

We’re starting off this fantastic list with, of course, the most recognisable face mask product across all Japanese drug stores: the pink Lululun face masks.

This is one of the best, all-rounder daily face masks that most people can use. Its benefits include enhancing the skin protection barrier on the face. It also aims to gradually improve the base foundation of your skin for stronger, better skin health.

It contains various ingredients for a moisturising mask, including hyaluronic acid and acacia honey. It also includes rice ceramide and ginseng roots.

The Lululun pink face masks are a powerful tool to use to keep your face fresh and healthy, but its controlled ingredients are designed for daily use without sending your face into overdrive.

These are perfect little gifts for friends and family back home as well!

2. Keana Nadeshiko Rice Mask

Japanese Facial Masks - Keana Nadeshiko Rice Mask

By now, most people who are into skincare should know that rice extracts contain a myriad of benefits for the skin. The Keana Nadeshiko rice mask makes full use of this!

It contains concentrated pure rice serum (from 100% Japanese rice) to address dry and sensitive skin. With regular use, it is also meant to shrink enlarged pores as well as smooth out the surface layer of the skin.

For those who aren’t used to using face masks, note that this mask is on the thicker side – but for good reason. Its highly moisturising ingredients means that it will result in soft and dewy skin.

3. Japanese Facial Masks – Saborino Mezamasheet

Japanese Facial Masks - Saborino Mezamasheet

The bright yellow packaging with fresh fruits and vegetables makes this face mask product appealing for anyone who’s looking for a refreshing option!

Unlike most face masks, this particular product is actually meant to be used in the morning rather than at night time. It’s most effective when you’re waking up in the morning and need a quick freshener. It’ll gently waken your skin and rejuvenate it from the night before. If you’re waking up and feeling a little dull and lifeless, this is the perfect tool to use.

The Saborino Mezamasheet is designed to be super simple and quick to use. Simply open the packet, throw it on for at least 60 seconds and then take it off!

The best thing about this is that it works to provide a base layer for makeup as well!

4. Quality 1st All-In-One Moist Sheet Mask

Japanese Facial Masks - Quality 1st All-In-One Moist Sheet Mask

As the packaging says, this sheet mask is a fantastic all-on-one option for those looking to minimise the number of products they use.

The benefits of this mask are highly potent! Incorporating over 30 different kinds of ingredients, this face mask works as a toner, emulsion and serum.

One thing that sets this face mask product apart is its luxurious packaging. On the outside, it looks like an expensive perfume bottle packaging. It makes it a great gift option!

5. Minon Amino Moist Japanese Face Mask

Minon Amino Moist Japanese Face Mask

If you’ve got dry and sensitive skin, this Minon Amino Moist face mask might be the right option for you. It’s one of the most popular options for face masks in Japanese drug stores and is constantly being voted into the top tier by Cosme.

The relatively thin layer of the mask makes it comfortable for those with sensitive skin. It’s also jam-packed with moisturising ingredients that work hard to repair the protective barrier of the skin and leave it feeling soft and hydrated.

It’s also free from fragrance, alcohol, paraben, and UV absorber.

6. Lululun Precious Red Face Mask

Japanese Facial Masks - Lululun Precious Red Face Mask

We mentioned the Lululun pink face masks above which are for everyday general use…but did you know Lululun also has an option for anti-aging?

The ever popular ‘Precious’ range from Lululun targets anti-aging and is a great option for those with more mature skin. This face mask targets dryness and first signs of anti-aging. It contains fermented sake extract which aids with strengthening the functioning layer of the skin.

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The powerful moisturising benefit of these face masks means it’s not just popular with the more mature crowd. With the masks being fragrance free and alcohol free, it is a clear winner for all.

7. My Beauty Diary Pearl Japanese Face Mask

My Beauty Diary Pearl Face Mask

This powerful face mask boasts a whooping 9 kinds of moisturising ingredients and 6 kinds of skin repairing ingredients. The vitamins and minerals incorporated aim to brighten dull and lifeless skin. Regular use will result in more youthful looking skin.

It’s definitely one of the most luxurious looking and feeling face masks!

If you need convincing, this face mask actually won first place at the Best Cosmetic Award by Cosme in 2015, which is a highly coveted award!

8. SK-II Facial Treatment Face Mask

SK-II Facial Treatment Face Mask

For those who after the best of the best of the best, look no further than the SK-II Facial Masks. From the brand alone, you should expect nothing short of amazing results with this face mask, and it’s true – this one is incredible.

This super concentrated face mask has been well-received for a long time. Its intense hydration feature works seamlessly alongside the other amazing ingredients such as Pitera to provide an overall clean and moisturized result.

It can be used by people of all ages, but due to its focus on youthful skin and smoothness, many mature women tend to turn to this brand. (The higher price point may also be a factor!)

9. Barrier Repair Hyaluronic Acid Moist Japanese Face Mask

Mandom Barrier Repair Facial Mask Moist

If you’re looking for a boost of moisture for the long, cold wintry months, the Barrier Repair Hyaluronic Acid Moist face mask is the perfect option!

This particular face mask incorporates generous levels of hyaluronic acid to pump moisture into the skin. It’s formulated to work best with delicate skin, as it has been tested to be quite successful on natural baby skin.

With the front image of the packaging being a baby with smooth supple skin, who can resist?

10. Premium Puresa Golden Jelly Face Mask Hyaluronic Acid

Premium Puresa Golden Jelly Japanese Face Mask Hyaluronic Acid

This golden face mask is designed to give you the luxury spa facial experience…without the price tag!

The jelly used in the face mask is jammed with amino acids that are used to penetrate your skin with moisture and brighten it up. It also contains hyaluronic acid, a popular ingredient to keep your face hydrated.

With these golden jelly face masks, store them in the fridge to keep them cool before using them so that they stay fresh. The cooling sensation of applying this on your freshly cleaned skin is amazing!

For the naturalists, this face mask is free of alcohol, mineral oil, and any colouring.

Japanese facial sheets are an important part of the Japanese skincare routine and they are becoming more and more the norm these days. Japanese face masks are powerful, accessible, and completely affordable.

Whilst not everyone will be strong-willed enough to incorporate it into their routine on the daily, it’s always good to give your face a pamper once or twice a week. They’re also great for sleepovers and nights in with friends!

We strongly urge you to hop onto the face mask wagon – you won’t regret it!

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