The 9 Best Japanese Perfumes You Should Try In 2024

Best Japanese Perfumes 1

Choosing a scent for yourself is an incredibly personal and enthralling experience. Many people have admitted that the smell of another person is one of the first things they notice about strangers on the street, so it’s no wonder that most people will try and find a perfume that perfectly encapsulates them as an individual.

We’ve all heard of the Chanel’s and the Gucci’s, but did you know that the Japanese also have an extensive range of bewitching fragrances? Their brands may not be as recognized, but we’re confident some of them are more memorable and intoxicating than you can ever imagine.

Perfumes have the magical ability to send to a beautiful place, to a memory back or forward in time that you thought you’d forgotten or may never even have. Inspirations from innately Japanese things such as cherry blossoms and the crisp air in winter make Japanese perfumes unmatched in complexity and class.

The 9 Best Japanese Perfumes You Will Love!

Best Japanese Perfumes 1

If you’ve never heard of Japanese perfumes before, or if you’re looking to expand on your collection, let’s have a look at our top Japanese perfumes you should try now.

  1. Issey Miyake L’Eau D’Issey
  2. Flower By Kenzo
  3. Shiseido Ever Bloom
  4. Shiseido Zen
  5. Kenzo Amour
  6. Keiko Mecheri Les Suits D’izu
  7. Keiko Mecheri Mulholland
  8. Hanae Mori by Hanae Mori for Women
  9. Hanae Mori Butterfly for Women

1. Issey Miyake L’Eau D’Issey

Issey Miyake L’Eau D’Issey

This super light and sensual floral-scented perfume are like a breath of fresh air. It is one of the most popular Japanese perfumes, created by famous Japanese designer Issey Miyake.

Its unmistakable floral fragrance is timeless and classic, yet feels endearingly light and airy. It contains hints of rose and fresh white flowers, whilst giving off subtle hints of woodiness.

It’s an understated perfume that would be fitting for anyone who likes their perfume to uplift them.

Scent: light floral, with hints of wood

2. Flower By Kenzo

Flower By Kenzo

This stunning bottle of perfume by Kenzo is instantly recognizable anywhere. Tall, slender, and slim, it stands a cut above the rest – in physicality and quality.

The red flower design on the bottle is a dead giveaway that it boasts a floral scent, but it’s its timeless and uniquely powdery fragrance makes it highly sought after. It contains notes of orange blossom, with base notes of tonka bean, Bulgarian rose, and sweet spices.

It’s a magnificent perfume that’s fit for the modern woman.

Scent: Soft florals, orange blossom, sweet spices

3. Shiseido Ever Bloom

Shiseido Ever Bloom

This soft and feminine perfume by Shiseido is incredibly popular with young women. Its mesmerizing floral scent contains hints of violet, Bulgarian rose, and jasmine. One spray and it will send you right into the middle of springtime in Japan, frolicking in the flower fields of Japan.

It’s sensual, sophisticated yet youthful at the same time, and its attractive bottle makes it a wonderful option as a gift.

Scent: fresh and flora, with hints of violet, Bulgarian rose, and jasmine

4. Shiseido Zen

Shiseido Zen

Perfume and sophistication go hand-in-hand according to some people, and for those people, Shiseido’s Zen Eau De Parfum would be a wonderful addition to their collection.

This heady floral perfume combines with wood and musk for a sensual and intoxicating fragrance. It contains notes of grapefruit zest, sweet bergamot, orange, and pineapple, with a subtle hint of the blue rose.

It’s simply a gorgeous bottle of perfume, both in looks and in fragrance. It’s not one for the faint-hearted, and we recommend this perfume for special date nights and big celebrations.

Scent: floral, woody

5. Kenzo Amour

Kenzo Amour

Kenzo Amour can be described as a sensual perfume experience for any user. Its gentle, romantic aroma will invite you on a soft journey throughout the wilderness of Asia.

The most recognizable feature of this perfume is the unmistakable sweetness of Frangipani blossom, which is reminiscent of the beauty of South-East Asia. You will then start getting hints of Japanese cherry blossoms, Chinese white tea, subtle aromas of milky rice, and ever so slight scents of wood and musk – not unlike the intoxicating smell of incense.

This is a perfume inspired by Asia through and through.

Scent: base of wood and vanilla, with hints of fresh blossom

6. Keiko Mecheri Les Nuits D’izu

Keiko Mecheri Les Nuits D’izu

This beautiful fragrance is a classic scent with a mild Asian twist. Inspired by fresh nights in the Izu peninsula, you’ll first notice bright yet subtle hints of citrus; in particular, yuzu, grapefruit, and Mandarin orange.

Continuing, this addictive fragrance continues its complex allure with a base of hinoki, with blends of more citrus and floral scents.

With its wildly compelling smell, this perfume is for those looking for a bit of an adventure.

Scent: wood base, with hints of citrus and floral

7. Keiko Mecheri Mulholland

Keiko Mecheri Mulholland

Keiko Mecheri is no stranger to creating ultra-addictive feminine scents, and Mulholland is one of its signature best.

You’ll first notice how bright and joyful the fragrance is – citrus and petitgrain will invade your sense and quickly lapse into an almost velvety orange scent. It will eventually evolve into hints of wood and musk, rounding up the experience.

It’s a fantastic choice for those who love citrus but want a unique twist.

Scent: sandalwood base, with floral and citrus hints

8. Hanae Mori by Hanae Mori for Women

Hanae Mori by Hanae Mori for Women

Hanae Mori by Hanae Mori is a stunningly fresh and fruity fragrance made for young women all around the world.

This sparkling scent opens up with a flirty scent of bergamot, red apple, and orange blossom. Dig deeper, and you’ll realize that Madagascar jasmine and wild strawberries are the underlying features of this perfume that give it its unique, addictive smell.

This is a delightfully light fragrance that will bring back summer nostalgia – and its gorgeous glass bottle is just a bonus!

Scent: base of cedar and sandalwood, with upper notes of jasmine, berries, and citrus

9. Hanae Mori Butterfly for Women

Hanae Mori Butterfly for Women

This fragrance is an invigorating and fresh scent for women around the world. It embodies nature and youthfulness, all wrapped up beautifully in a classic bottle.

Taking inspiration from her distinct rural upbringing in the pine-lined southern region of Japan to her invigorating exposure to Paris in later years, this perfume takes the world and wraps it around its finger.

The subtle scents of florals and fresh berries balance together to create an addictively refreshing smell. Be prepared to be transported back to the springs and summers of Japan with Hanae Mori.

Scent: base notes of wood, with hints of jasmine, florals, and wild berries

We hope you found this article an interesting read! We understand that choosing a perfume is like going on a super personal exciting adventure. You might find out things about yourself you’ve never known before.

For example, have you always thought you were a musky girl but just realized jasmine is your thing? Join the rest of us!

The selection above contains a wide myriad of choices and within them, we hope you find your next addictive fragrance.

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