A Complete Guide To Enjoy Peach Blossom In Japan

When one thinks of Japan and flowers, the iconic pastel pink hue of Sakura trees often comes to mind. However, cherry blossoms are not Japan’s only blush-colored floral stunner. Peach blossoms are also a famous pink bloom that has captivated Japanese audiences, but they are a rare known beauty among visiting tourists.

But what exactly are peach blossoms, and where can you find these underrated pink flowers? In this article, you can learn everything you need to know about peach blossoms in Japan, how they differ from cherry blossoms in Japan, as well as when and where you can see Japanese peach blossoms!

What Are Peach Blossoms?

Peach blossoms (locally known as ‘momo’) are the bright pink flowers that bloom from a peach tree. These flowers eventually go on to become sweet and juicy peaches that Japan is also known for. These delicate blooms with teardrop-shaped petals spring forth from the thin branches of peach trees and have a diameter ranging from 3 to 6 centimeters on average.

Peach blossoms can come in a wide variety of shades – from a pale pink similar to that of cherry blossoms to a vibrant and hot pink that makes it perfect for ushering in spring. In fact, these flowers are known to symbolize rebirth and renewal. This is because the flowers of the peach tree are known to be one of the earliest to bloom in the spring – the dark and spindly branches of the peach tree come alive with beautiful flowers after winter.

The Meaning of the Peach Blossom

Not many people outside Japan know of the secret language that Japanese people treasure; the hanakotoba. The word hanakotoba roughly translates to either flower word or flower language. This is because the flowers help to convey meanings and intentions without one ever needing to speak about their feelings directly.

Because of their bright pink appearance, momo flowers are regarded as ‘cute’ and youthful in nature. However, they also symbolize luck, fertility, protection against evil, happy marriages, and a cute and youthful charm. For this reason, they are a popular gift among young couples, childhood sweethearts, and even families with precious young daughters!

The following phrases are popular meanings for when someone gifts you with peach blossoms”

  • “I am enchanted by you”
  • “I am captivated by your love”
  • “I find you charming”
  • “I want to protect you”

When Do Peach Flowers Bloom in Japan?

Peach flowers in Japan can bloom anywhere between late February to mid-March and are often the first flower to bloom, blossoming well before sakura season. If left unpicked, some of the peach flowers that bloom in the spring will reach full maturity and become precious peaches that are harvested to be gifted to cherished loved ones.

Where Do I Go To See Peach Flowers in Japan? 5 Spots To Visit

While peach blossoms are not an uncommon site in Japan, many cities have gorgeous viewpoints for admiring these flowers once they bloom. Here are some of our favorite places to get the best view.

1. Fuefuki City Peach Farms

Not too far from Tokyo is the peach capital of Japan, Fuefuki City! Fuefuki in Yamanashi Prefecture is home to a large agriculture trade and also boasts the country’s largest peach production industry. This also makes it home to entire acres of peach trees that bloom once spring falls upon Japan.

Because of this, many farms in Fuefuki City such as Marukita Hanamomo-en and Takaramomo-en have been offering hanami tours. Hanami is the practice of having a picnic among the flowers, and what better way to enjoy the peach blossoms than dining on delicious bentos underneath stunning branches of pink petals?

At Marukita Hanamomo-en, guests can avail of a farm tour and admire more than 50 varieties of Japanese peaches on the farm grounds. Part of the package is the opportunity to have a hanami, where you can also purchase chrysanthemum tea, preserved peach slices, peach jam, and wagashi to enjoy under the momo trees on the farm grounds

On the other hand, Takaramomo-en partnered with glamping service Hoshinoya Fuji to deliver a classy hanami experience. On this farm, you can enjoy crepe suzette ala mode, with crepes tossed in steamy peach and caramel. A sweet bite to accompany a sweet view, no doubt!

2. Kyoto Imperial Palace

Hoping to catch a glimpse of peach blossoms somewhere special? No view is more regal than the grounds of Kyoto’s Imperial Palace! Here, a grove of peach blossoms appears to be weeping over the palace trails – with peach blossom sightings starting once you enter from the Hamaguri Gomon (West Gate) of the castle. The main place for admiring these flowers really shines at the Konoe Residence Park, so you can take in the view and relax on a chill path.

Because of the level trails on the Imperial Palace grounds, it is a great choice for viewing peach blossoms with young kids and elders. Driving baby carriages and wheeled walkers over the pavement should be no problem for both locals and tourists visiting the Imperial Palace in the spring with their families.

Though it might be difficult to organize a hanami on palace grounds, you can still stop by for some traditional Japanese sweets at the famous Toraya Ichijo while you are in the area. Snack on them while on your Imperial Palace walk under the momo trees or on your way back for a quick pick-me-up!

3. Koori-no-Komichi

Koori-no-Komichi or the ‘Kenjo Peach Village’ is a fantastic collection of 236 acres worth of orchards in the small village of Kouri. During the spring, the Kenjo Peach Village lights up with hot pink peach blossoms. Here, tourists can admire the ‘Peach Line’ – a long row of peach blossom trees that bloom alongside the Abaukuna River.

While this is a bit farther from main cities like Tokyo, Kyoto, & Osaka, the Koori-no-Komichi is one such viewpoint for peach blossoms in Japan that cannot be missed. Aside from the breathtaking landscapes of the Kenjo Peach Village valley, you can also catch sight of the majestic Handa-san; Kouri’s local icon and main attraction.

4. Hanamomo Kaido Road

Because peach blossoms are a seasonal attraction, their beauty should be enjoyed while they are in season. At Hanamomo Kaido Road in Nagano, you can enjoy the sight of these vibrant flowers in three shades: hot pink, pastel pink, and a snowy white! During mid-April to mid-May, this road is blessed with 40 kilometers worth of momo blossoms.

Tourists may be surprised that this ethereal view is just outside Tokyo. Nagano locals have fully-embraced the presence of the beautiful peach blossoms for many centuries, with Achi Village residents and tourists coming together for the annual Hanamomo (Peach Blossom) Festival in town!

Pro Tip: Staying at the Hirugami Onsenkyo offers an exclusive and unmatched view of the peach blossoms at the Hirugami Onsen. You can kick back and relax while admiring these rosy flowers from the comfort of your accommodation!

5. Osaka Castle Park

It is no secret that Osaka Castle Park is a stunning tourist spot in its own right. The stunning aqua roof of the castle pops against the scenery of the Osaka landscape, so it is always a cute pastel addition to your trip.

However, the addition of the three spring blossoms (plum, cherry, & peach) brings the park to a whole new level. Often confused with cherry blossoms, the Peach Blossom Grove of the Osaka Castle Park is beautiful yet serene and peaceful compared to the other two flower groves present inside the tourist park.

The Peach Grove in Osaka Castle Park opened in 1999, but because most tourists identify cherry blossoms as Japan’s iconic flower, the grove does not get nearly as much love as it deserves especially from international tourists coming in to visit!

Momo Matsuri – Peach Flower Festivals in Japan


Hinamatsuri Peach Blossom

There are plenty of peach blossom festivals around Japan in the springtime, but the most popular of these is probably the Momo no Sekku – celebrated by many cities and towns every March 3rd. Also known as Hinamatsuri and Girl’s Day, the day is actually celebrated as a holiday. The icons of this holiday are the stunning peach blossom flowers and the traditional hina asobi dolls used to ward off evil.

Both of these items are frequent Hinamatsuri gifts to young girls and daughters to promote their health, well-being, and happiness. If you are looking to celebrate your own daughter while on holiday, then this is the perfect festival to take her to if you are in Japan for spring!

Hanamomo Festival

Hanamomo Festival

The Hanamomo Peach Blossom Festival mentioned earlier in this article is another popular festival for peach blossoms in Japan. While these do take place in Kouri, the Hanamomo Festival is also celebrated in other cities like Yoshiba in Chichibu and Ouchizawa in Higashi Chichibu!

What is the Difference Between Peach Blossoms & Cherry Blossoms?

Differences between cherry plum and peach blossomUpon first glance, these two flowers look nearly identical. However, there are a few key differences that set the two blush-toned flowers apart.

Blooming Period

Depending on the area, peach blossoms have their first bloom anywhere between late February to mid-March. On the other hand, sakura blossoms first bloom between the tail-end of March and the first week of April. If you want to have a unique flower-viewing experience ahead of the cherry blossom rush, come to Japan ahead of time and be treated to the underrated beauty of peach blossoms instead!


While there are sure to be slight variations in cherry blossom colors, they mostly come in a soft, pale pink color. Peach blossoms do come in this pastel hue as well, but they also come in a vibrant hot pink and a pure white tone. If you want some visual variety, then the peach blossoms definitely have more to offer.

Flower Structure

One of the most notable differences between sakura flowers and peach blossoms is their flower formations and how they grow from the tree. Peach blossoms grow in pairs from short stems, having a more bell-like appearance while cherry blossoms have long stems and grow in cloud-like clusters.

Petal Shape

Perhaps the most subtle out of all the differences, the petal shape is one way to tell cherry blossoms apart from momo flowers. Peach petals have a cute teardrop shape to them, while cherry blossoms have a cleft at the very tip of the petal. This is what gives cherry blossoms a more mature, elegant air compared to the youthful cuteness of the momo flower.

Are Peach Blossom in Japan Worth Viewing?

If you have been to Japan in the spring before, then you have probably seen cherry blossoms in bloom at least once. With their popularity in media and pop culture, they are a coveted yet common sight for most visitors. Because of their underrated nature, peach blossoms may be a new experience for you.

We recommend taking a chance and viewing these gorgeous flowers at least once, and you can even take your pick at any of our recommendations! If you are still hell-bent on seeing the cherry blossoms this coming spring, here are our top ten recommendations for where to get the best view.

We hope you enjoyed this short guide to peach blossoms and give these cute flowers a spot on your Japan itinerary!

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