Japanese Cookware – 14 Tools To Prepare Japanese Food In Your Kitchen

Japanese Cookware – Let’s be honest, one of the main reasons we love Japan is for its delicious food! From Sushi to Ramen, there’s almost no dishes that we don’t like right? Well, maybe natto.. lol

When we all love to go to our favorite Japanese restaurant, cooking Japanese food at home is becoming more and more popular. That’s why we decided to list for you the most popular Japanese cookware you need to get at home!

Happy shopping!

1. Japanese Knives

Best Japanese Knives 2

It’s a secret to nobody, Japanese knives are the best in the world! Their quality is really unbeatable and their are essential tools if you want to prepare Japanese dishes. For example, cutting fish properly is super important to prepare sushi or sashimi. You will also need a good knife to prepare sushi rolls.

We have a complete article about the best Japanese Knives you need to have in your kitchen so make sure you read it here: Best Japanese Knives.

2. Cutting Board

Japanese Cookware Kitchenware - Hinoki Cutting Board

After buying your Japanese knife, you will need a cutting board if you don’t want to destroy your kitchen! One of the most famous brand for cutting boards in Japan is Hinoki and we highly recommend it to you. They are made in Japanese cypress and they last almost forever.

Get your Hinoki cutting board online >>

3. Sushi Making Kit

Sushi Making Kit

If you are interested in making sushi at home, you will need this kit. It includes 2 sushi mats that are essential to make your sushi rolls. You will also find a paddle and a spreader made in bamboo plus 5 pairs of beautiful chopsticks.

Get this Sushi making kit from our online store >>

4. Sake Set

Traditional Japanese Sake Set 1

It’s time to make a Sake break! Sake is becoming super popular overseas and to drink it properly, you will need a Sake set (flask + sake cups). We selected for you 4 beautiful Japanese Sake sets with different designs in the article below so make sure to buy your favorite.

4 Beautiful Japanese Sake Sets >>

5. Japanese Cookware – Rice Cooker

Japanese Cookware Kitchenware - Rice Cooker

When I arrived in Japan, I didn’t really understand the hype around rice cookers. They felt a bit expensive but everyone kept telling me than you need one. Well, I finally got one and it really impressed me! If you want to perfectly cook your rice, you will need to get one. You will never get your rice as good as with a rice cooker.

I don’t fully understand the technology behind it (induction heating) but trust me, it works amazingly! In addition, it’s super easy to use / to clean and it prepares your rice pretty fast.

Read More: The 10 Best Japanese Rice Cookers

6. Bento Box

Japanese Cookware Kitchenware - Bento Box Wood

If you want to eat your Japanese food outside, during a picnic or at work for example, this bento box is going to be super useful. It has different containers to separate the dishes and it comes with a spoon, a fork and a pair of chopsticks. All made in wood. In this kit, you will also get a stylish bag with the typical Japanese blue waves.

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7. Jubako

Japanese Cookware Kitchenware - Jubako

Jubako are tiered boxes to present your food in a beautiful and traditional way. They are often used by Japanese families during events like the New Year for example. The function is the same as the bento boxes but Jubako are more luxurious and elegant.

This Jubako is made of lacquered plastic and is available in 2 colours, red and black. I’m sure you noticed the beautiful Japanese crane on the top of the box, symbol of good fortune and longevity.

Get your Jubako box online >>

8. Ramen Bowls

Japanese Cookware Kitchenware - Ramen Bowls

After sushi, Ramen is probably the second favorite Japanese dish overseas. I actually love to eat ramen and I often try to make some at home. Sometimes with success, sometimes… it’s a disaster! lol

To indulge your Ramen, the best is to have a big beautiful bowl! We sell 2 traditional-style ramen bowls in our shop so make sure to check them out. You can use them for ramen but also for pasta, salads, etc..

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9. Japanese Cookware – Miso Soup Bowls

Japanese Cookware Kitchenware - Miso Soup Bowls

If you visited Japan already, I’m sure you’ve seen these types of bowls used for Miso soup. They are made of lacquered plastic and they are black from the outside and red from the inside. The most useful feature is the lid that maintains the soup hot during quite a long time.

Get your Miso soup bowls online >>

10. Matcha Tea Set

Matcha Tea Set Kit

After a great meal, what better than Matcha to digest your food? Matcha tea is becoming super appreciated worldwide, specially thanks to its health benefits. People also love to practice the traditional Japanese tea ceremony at home. It’s like a real meditation session.

In order to do so, you will need a Matcha kit which especially includes a bamboo whisk to properly mix the Matcha powder and the hot water.

Check out our 3 Matcha tea sets here >>

11. Tea Container

Japanese Cookware Kitchenware - Tea Countainers

To stock your tea, you can get these colourful tea countainers from our shop. They are called Natsume in Japanese and they are available in 12 different colours. They can be used for tea but also coffee, sweets, etc…

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12. Tamagoyaki Pan

Japanese Cookware Kitchenware - Tamagoyaki Pan

Tamagoyaki is a delicious Japanese omelette that I really love! It has a rectangular shape so you will need a Tamagoyaki pan to make it properly. The pan we recommend here is made by Iwachu, one of the best Japanese brands for ironware.

Get your Iwachu Tamagoyaki pan online >>

13. Japanese Cookware – Takoyaki Maker

Japanese Cookware Kitchenware - Takoyaki Maker

Takoyaki is one of the most popular street food in Japan! In the beginning, I thought Takoyaki were pretty difficult to make. But one day, a Japanese friend invited me to a Takoyaki party and it was actually pretty easy and super fun!

With the StarBlue takoyaki pan we recommend here, you can make 18 Takoyaki at a time. Invite your friends and family and have fun making Takoyaki at home.

Get your Takoyaki pan online >>

14. Ukiyo-e Door Curtains

Japanese Cookware Kitchenware - Ukiyo-e curtains

We finish this blog post about Japanese cookware with a bit of decoration for your kitchen! I’m sure you will get more inspired to cook Japanese food with these curtains representing gorgeous Ukiyo-e artworks. 23 designs are available so choose the ones you like the most. Note that they are super easy to install.

Get your Ukiyo-e curtains in our online shop >>

I hope you enjoyed our article about Japanese cookware. With all these tools, you will become a real Japanese chef . Have fun and don’t forget to say “Itadakimasu” before to eat your food. 🙂

  1. Thank you for publishing the 14 tools, hope next time please publish recipe’s of Japanese cooking and where to scout for the ingredients too. I love the taste of napolitana and seafoods spaghetti.I also tasted the shrimp steak at red crabs at a yokohama restaurant. Compliments by my Japanese Kaicho.

    1. Hello Jose, thank you for your comment. Yes, we will share Japanese recipes with pleasure. All the best, Sugoii Japan Team

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