4 Japanese Sake Sets You Need To Buy | Flask & Cups Included

Traditional Japanese Sake Set 1

Sake is one of the most popular drink in Japan but it’s also becoming increasingly appreciated overseas! More and more people enjoy the sophisticated taste of this rice-based alcohol and we, at Sugoii Japan, are also big sake lovers! And to enjoy drinking sake the traditional way, you will need to get a sake set!

A sake set basically includes a flask from where you will pour the sake. It’s traditionally hold with 2 hands when you serve sake. In addition, you will find several cups from where you will drink your sake.

In this article, we selected for you 4 beautiful sake sets that you can order directly from our online shop. Choose your favorite and drink sake at home like a real Japanese!

1. Blue Waves Japanese Sake Set

Traditional Japanese Sake Set 1

We have to say that this blue waves set is our favorite! Simple, elegant and stylish, it’s the perfect product to enjoy drinking sake with your friends or family. It includes a beautiful flask and 4 cups made in ceramic.

Note that this product is pretty popular in our shop so it can be sold out from time to time.

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2. Minimalist Japanese Sake Set

Traditional Japanese Sake Set 1

If you are into Japanese culture, you know that the Japanese aesthetic is often focused on simplicity and clean design. If you relate to this minimalist style, you are going to love this sake set!

Only 2 colours are available (black and white) and the designs of both the flask and the cups are very sleek. If you have a modern interior design at home, it will fit perfectly!

The texture of the ceramic here is a slightly rough and it makes it very pleasing to touch. Please also note that this set includes 6 cups, 2 more than the other ones in this list.

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3. Sky Blue Set

Traditional Japanese Sake Set 1

This traditional Japanese sake set is coloured with different shades of blue and the visual result is really lovely! 2 designs are actually available: sky blue and dark blue.

As you may have noticed, these sake cups are a bit more flat than the other products.

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4. Maneki Neko Set

Maneki Neko Japanese Sake Set

Did you hear about Maneki Neko? It’s the cute Japanese lucky cats and they are all over this last sake set! If you want to enjoy Sake and bring good luck to your house at the same time, this product is made for you.

Note that you can choose different colours for the cups but all the flasks are sky blue.

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And if you are interested in more products related to Maneki Neko, check out this blog post: Maneki Neko Shop.

We hope you enjoyed this list of beautiful Japanese sake sets. Feel free to order them directly from our official shop. And if you want to better understand the culture of Sake in Japan, make sure you read this guide: Sake Japan.


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