Japanese Male Beauty Standards – What The Ideal Man Looks Like In Japan?

Kento Yamazaki

Beauty standards have only continued to grow higher in recent years – especially with the many trends visible in Japanese fashion, media, celebrities, and even anime and pop culture! While the sudden uptick in Japanese beauty standards for women is unsurprising, the prevalence of rising beauty standards for men has also continued to grow.

Just like Japanese female beauty standards, it is no secret that Japanese men have unique style and beauty that is very different from other cultures – especially in Western countries! While these beauty standards are not always consistent for every single man living in Japan, the vast majority of women in the country tend to find these qualities attractive.

In this article, we will go over the current Japanese beauty standards for men in great detail, as well as some popular examples of Japanese men that best capture the male Japanese beauty standards of today! Whether you are a Japanese man looking to learn the latest trends in masculine Japanese beauty or you are a foreigner looking to learn what is attractive to your potential dates in Japan, then this is the perfect read for you. Keep scrolling and learn more about male Japanese beauty standards!

What Makes A Man Attractive By Japanese Standards?

Japanese Male Beauty Standard

Like any culture, the notion of male beauty is not a one-size-fits-all matter. There are multiple traits that make up a traditionally attractive Japanese man. However, the standard of a handsome man in Japanese society is best described as someone well-groomed and androgynous, with good skin. They also typically have a sensitive and elegant personality and a smart or thoughtful outlook on life.

Japanese women like the perfect blend of style and substance, preferring men who present well with the above traits while also having the confidence to hold a good conversation. This is why host clubs are so popular with Japanese women – as they simply want to enjoy a good conversation with a good-looking man!

Luckily, there are multiple traits that Japanese male beauty standards adhere to, and we will soon list those that you should know if you want to turn some heads in Japan!

Who Is A Good Example of An Attractive Man By Japanese Standards?

Japanese Male Beauty Standards

Before we begin to detail the many traits that make up the male beauty standards in Japanese society, it might be helpful to learn some celebrities and artists that best embody it in Japanese media today.

Famous modern examples of an attractive Japanese man are often seen in idol groups, J-Dramas, and J-Movies. Netflix star Kento Yamazaki and Ryosuke Yamada are popular choices in modern memory – their boyish, androgynous looks adding to their charming personalities. More mature examples of Japanese beauty standards for men would be the likes of Masaki Okada and Hiro Mizushima — both of whom exuded elegance and intelligence.

As a testament to how the Japanese male beauty standards are never a one-size fits all matter, even the actor-model Mokomichi Hayami was held in high regard by Japanese women. Though his features were unconventional due to his mixed heritage as a Filipino-Japanese man, his skill in cooking and his intense presence were easy explanations for his popularity especially when he starred in Absolute Boyfriend, You’re Under Arrest, and Gokusen 2.

Now that you know the celebrities that fit the perfect standard for male beauty in Japan, here are 10 traits that exude an attractive vibe for Japanese women.

1. Even, Porcelain, Skin

Ryosuke Yamada

While they may be tagged differently in other countries, skincare has always been popular even among men in Japan. Japanese women place a high value on men that had good skin, as it indicates a desire for neatness and an interest in their overall well-being or appearance.

Having small blackheads and pimples on one’s face may be a natural occurrence, but Japanese men who take the consideration to minimize such blemishes are extra attractive to their female counterparts. This can include eating a cleaner, more balanced diet or investing a bit more in skincare to keep their face flawless, fair, and smooth.

2. Smooth, Hairless, Faces

Masaki Okoda

Jumping off of our first trait, it should be made clear that having smooth glass skin is not the only factor that women consider when it comes to their dream boyfriend. While baby blue eyes and a sharp jaw hinting at a five o’clock shadow may be popular among women in the West, Japanese girls much prefer their men to be clean-shaven and free from any traces of facial hair.

This included being free of rogue hairs on their chin and cheeks, as well as having well-groomed and perfectly trimmed brows with a manicured shape. If you want some romance during your stay in Japan, keep a trusty razor on hand for quick touch-ups to your shave.

3. Luscious Locks

Masaki Okada

While having any sort of body or facial hair is immediately a turn-off for many Japanese women, having a full and healthy head of shiny hair books instant brownie points. Due to the cultural fixation on having healthy and thick hair, many men invested several visits a year to men-only salons. Japanese men loved to tend to their hair both for themselves and to impress others – either dyeing it, maintaining a long length, or trimming stray body hairs to keep the focus on their hairstyles and their groomed eyebrows.

Barber shops are popular for this reason, serving as a place to groom one’s self before a big date or an important event while also experiencing a relaxing ‘spa day’ of sorts. Talk about some serious self-care!

4. A Tall Order

Japanese Couple

Have you ever heard of the Japanese term “Chibi To Chibi”? This is a popular slang word among Japanese citizens, and it pertains to none other than ‘Height Difference Couples.” Height Difference Couples are couples that are said to have a perfect height difference that makes for an adorable couple. Former Japanese Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi and his wife Miyuki Hatoyama were the perfect examples of this – having an impressive height difference of 30 centimeters between the two of them.

There was something cute and intimate about the dynamic such a height difference would cause. How a taller male would have to stoop to listen closer to his girlfriend while they ate outside, or perhaps how the two would struggle to share a single umbrella on a rainy day. While it isn’t a strict requirement, being taller immediately ups your chances of finding a lady love in Japan to form a Chibi To Chibi relationship of your own.

5. Large, Soulful Eyes

Japanese man large eyes double eyelid

More specifically, Japanese women preferred large eyes with double eyelids (aka ‘futae’). While most Japanese folk tend to have more narrow eyes, women found men with larger eyes extremely charming as they seemed more ‘baby-faced’ and earnest in comparison. This standard is not exclusive to men, as Japanese women themselves pay hundreds to thousands of dollars for double eyelid surgery or to purchase contacts and double eyelid tape to mimic the look of having large eyes.

If these sound more akin to your own set of peepers, then you are in luck! Both men and women in Japan will find you to be an attractive male in Japanese society!

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6. Androgynous Bodies

Japanese male body standard

Are you a fitness buff? Consider dialing back on the protein if you are looking to woo a potential Japanese romance. Women from Japan traditionally preferred men who had a softer appearance. These men were usually more conscious of how their bodies would bulk up, preferring to remain androgynous and lean instead of building too much muscle and growing facial hair.

The appeal of their androgynous bodies may stem from more cultural reasons, as famous daimyos and kabuki actors were deeply admired for their delicate features and well-done makeup for performances. While this preference is certainly not the case for every Japanese woman, a fair majority of them love to have a beautiful and androgynous boyfriend with lean muscles to one that is too bulky and outrightly macho.

7. Confident & Conversational

Japanese couple talking

The anime ‘Ouran Highschool Host Club’ is an old-school series with a massive cult following – and for good reason! Host clubs or cafes are popular destinations that are frequented by female customers who usually hail from a high-class or elegant bearing. The reason for their popularity lies in the light-heartedness and ease that comes from having conversations with the many male hosts trained to entertain female customers.

While one of the major selling points of these hosts is that they are usually stylish and handsome, the real reason why some host clubs had women lining up by the block was because of their charismatic personalities and excellent conversation skills. These men made women feel special, engaging them in deep conversations and offering comfort as they lent a listening ear. If you are not confident in your looks or you are still working on acing your skincare game, then you can try your luck at being a good conversationalist instead!

8. A Strong Sense of Style

Japanese Male Fashion

Nowadays, Japanese women love having a partner who actively shows interest in keeping up with fashion trends instead of relying on them to dress and shop for their closets. Men who dressed well and styled their hair to fit modern trends embodied a sense of confidence and elegance with how they carried their outfits, and it showed a healthy amount of concern for how they were perceived.

Some men are so involved in following trends and committing to the androgynous style that Japanese women find so attractive, that they often have shared closets with the special girl in their lives. If you have always had an interest in style, then it may be time to invest in your strengths and expand your wardrobe to woo the girl of your dreams in Japan.

9. A Soft, Sensitive, Side

Japanese couple cooking

There is a popular term among women in Japanese dating culture called ‘soshokukei danshi’. This term roughly translates to ‘herbivorous male’ – a term that referred to men who veered away from the strong Japanese drinking culture and were more than comfortable having meaningful friendships with the women around them. ‘Ojoman’ was a sub-type of the herbivorous male – the term translating to ‘girly men’ who had an interest in hobbies that were traditionally seen as more feminine. These hobbies included cooking, baking, and sewing, as well as an interest in cute or artistic things.

While you need not be so extreme to completely adapt to this ‘herbivorous’ lifestyle, even adapting small aspects of it could be a big plus to your charm among Japanese women. Even accepting your ‘otome’ side, or your soft and feminine side as a macho and handsome man would be enough to make girls show more interest and relax as they find you more relatable. No matter what route you decide to take, it might be a good idea to embrace your soft, sensitive side.

10. A Narrow & Chiseled Face

Chiseled Face

In general, Japanese women prefer to date men with Japanese or Asian features. No matter what race their partner would end up being, however, they especially prefer that they have a narrow and chiseled face. Men with prominent cheekbones, a strong or sharp jawline, and a streamlined facial structure were the object of admiration for many women despite the fact that these were often seen on celebrities and idols rather than regular people.

To have such features in a regular Japanese person, they would have to be either extremely conscious about their weight or to be the fortunate winners of the genetic lottery. Still – even some semblance of this would be attractive enough to catch some glances in any Japanese crowd!

Is All This Required To Fit Japanese Male Beauty Standards?

Now that you know the exact features that make a man attractive in the eyes of Japan’s many citizens, you must be wondering if possessing these traits is the only way to see sparks fly romantically during your stay in the Japanese archipelago.

The short answer is no.

Like any country or culture, beauty will still remain in the eyes of the beholder. It’s highly possible that you will connect with someone who either loves everything on this list or even ignores it entirely! At the end of the day, having a golden personality that exudes confidence while lending a listening and supportive ear is more attractive to a Japanese woman than any checklist of physical features.

Giving her time and cheering her on in her aspirations is the most important Japanese male beauty standard that you should meet to impress the girl of your dreams in Japan, so just be yourself and make sure to show her how much she means to you by being a good conversationalist that cares about her struggles. That is the best way to be an attractive man in her eyes, and anyone else’s for that matter!

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