Maneki Neko Shop – 5 Super Cute Products You Are Going To LOVE!

Maneki Neko Shop Gotokuji

Maneki Neko Shop – If you’ve been to Japan, you’ve probably seen these cute cat figures more than once! Maneki-neko are literally everywhere in Japan, with good reason! Japanese people strongly believe that these kawaii cats bring good luck.

There’s even a temple in Tokyo dedicated to these lucky cats (Gotokuji temple).

Gotokuji Temple 1

The origin of this tradition is still a bit mysterious. Many legends claim that after people placed a Maneki-neko in their shops, clients started to come and their businesses started to grow significantly.

One thing is for sure: they are one of the most popular Japanese lucky charms!

So if you also want to bring some good fortune into your life, we selected for you 5 super cute products that you can order from our shop. Check them out below and happy shopping! 🙂

1. Maneki-Neko Shop – Wind Chimes

Maneki Neko Shop - Wind Chimes

Some of the most popular products of our shop are these lovely Maneki-neko wind chimes. They are made of ceramics and as you can see, they are so kawaii. When there’s a bit of wind, their movement will produce a very pleasing sound that attracts good vibes into your home.

This product is probably the cheapest one in our shop so come and get yours now!

Get your Maneki-Neko Wind Chime >>

2. Maneki-Neko Shop – Sake Set

Maneki Neko Shop - Sake Set

This one is for sake lovers! We received lots of requests to add sake sets to our shop. Sake is becoming a very popular drink everywhere around the world, so what’s better than these cute Maneki-neko sets to enjoy it! Four designs are available here so choose the one you like the most.

This set works perfectly for sake but it could be fun to use it for other distilled alcoholic beverages like Vodka or any other liquors.

Shop your Maneki-Neko Sake Set >>

If you want to discover more sake sets, feel free to read this article: Japanese Sake Sets.

3. Lucky Cat Piggy Bank

Maneki Neko Shop - Piggy Bank

Here’s a more classic product: an adorable (and a bit chubby) cat. There’s actually a hole at the back (for coins) so this product can be used as a piggy bank.

Each design will get you a certain type of luck so choose the one you need the most from this list:

  • Happiness
  • Good fortune
  • Wealth
  • Affluence
  • Prosperity
  • Success in business

For your information, the most popular designs at our shop are ones that bring happiness, wealth, and prosperity.

Buy your Maneki-Neko Piggy Bank >>

4. Maneki-Neko Shop – Tea Set

Maneki Neko Shop - Tea Set

It’s tea time!

After the sake set, discover this fabulous tea set which consists of one teapot and two cute cups. You can buy the pot and the cups separately but a cost-effective option would be to get the whole set.

A stainless steel infuser is included inside the pot so you can put your tea there directly and add your hot water.

Shop your Maneki-Neko Tea Set >>

5. Maneki-Neko Shop – Key Rings

Maneki Neko Shop - Key Rings

Last but not least are these small but lovely keyrings. One keyring includes a small Maneki-neko (red or black), a bell, and a wooden plate with different designs. Like the piggy bank designs, each wooden plate corresponds to a particular type of luck:

  • Peace
  • Good Fortune
  • Wealth
  • Good Luck

For this product, the most popular design is by far the one that brings wealth, with the lovely black Maneki-neko.

Get Your Maneki-Neko Keyrings >>

This was our list of the 5 coolest Maneki-neko products you can purchase! I hope you liked this selection and I’m sure these cute cats will bring a lot of luck into your life. Keep in mind that it works only if you believe in it. 🙂

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