Onsen Ryokan Near Tokyo – 6 Areas To Relax In A Japanese Traditional Inn

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Onsen Ryokan Near Tokyo – Looking for the perfect ryokan getaway? Just want to experience a slice of the traditional Japanese life without traveling halfway across the country? If so, then we have the perfect suggestions for four areas to relax in a Japanese traditional inn nearby.

There are certainly plenty of ryokan-style accommodation options in and around the big city. However, nothing compares to staying in an actual onsen town. Areas like Hakone and Kusatsu onsen, famed for their beautiful natural hot springs, draw visitors from all over the world throughout the year.

Yes, even in summer!

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Being tucked away in Japan’s beautiful countryside landscape means fresh air, stunning views, and a tranquillity that you won’t get if you stay at a ryokan in Tokyo.

All past ryokan guests in these areas will agree that the experience is second to none. Everything from the traditional build of the ryokan to the delicious seasonal meals served is surprisingly and yet not so surprisingly perfect.

Without further comments, let’s see what are the 6 best areas to find onsen ryokans near Tokyo!

1. Hakone

Mount Fuji Viewpoint Hakone Shrine

Most people who have visited Japan before or are currently living in Japan will have heard of Hakone. It’s almost always amongst the top suggestions for day trips from Tokyo. Anyone who is looking for a ryokan experience or a quiet getaway from Tokyo will find that Hakone ticks many boxes. It’s cheap, accessible and a fun getaway.

Amongst the most popular activities to do in Hakone would be, of course, to stay in a ryokan. There are limitless options here and most offer their own onsite hot spring baths for guests. There are certain ryokans that provide rooms with their own private baths so you can experience it in a more comfortable setting.

Perfect for those who are not ready to go full-monty!

Weekend Trips From Tokyo - Hakone Retreat Villa 2

Note that cost of staying at a ryokan is certainly not cheap. Most people would argue that the premium price you pay is totally worth the experience though.

Aside from the ryokans, there are plenty of other attractions in Hakone that draw crowds from Tokyo. They include Owakudani, a smoky sulfuric mountain landscape, Lake Ashinoko, where you can take beautiful pictures and even spot Mount Fuji if you’re lucky, and the Open-Air Museum.

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2. Mount Fuji

Chureito Pagoda Mount Fuji Japan 3

Mount Fuji is arguably one of the world’s most beautiful mountains and thus people from all over Japan every year. Its most popular period is from late autumn until the end of spring.

This is when the mountain is more than likely to be visible and you can capture some stunning photos framed with cherry blossoms or fiery-coloured leaves. It’s also during this period that you’ll be fighting for the best photo spots!

Onsen Ryokan Near Tokyo - Mount Fuji

Mount Fuji is home to some of the most impressive ryokans. Maybe it’s purely for the fact that it offers beautiful uninterrupted views of Mount Fuji itself. This alone makes it a popular area for those looking for a traditional Japanese inn experience. It’s also easily accessible from Tokyo as well. It’s a great option for those who are conscious about time.

Mt Fuji Ryokan with Private Onsen - Fuji Lake Hotel 2

Because of the massive area around Mount Fuji that offer viewpoints of the mountain, you’ll find that many ryokans are spread out and private. When you’re booking, remember to book one with a mountain view!

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3. Kusatsu Onsen

Kusatsu Onsen – Take It All In At Yubatake

Kusatsu Onsen is a bit of a hidden treat for foreign visitors in Japan. Whilst highly popular amongst domestic travellers, it’s only recently begun to land on the itineraries of international travellers.

It’s considered one of the best hot spring resorts across Japan due to its premium water quality and rich history. An interesting fact about Kusatsu Onsen is that it draws its water from not one, but six different water sources. Each apparently offers their own unique quality and effect on the skin. Because of this, it is suggested that you onsen-hop through the town during your stay.

Kusatsu Onsen Ryokan #7 - Ryokan Tamura 1

Whilst it’s completely do-able as a day trip, it is highly recommended that you stay overnight in one of the luxurious ryokans. Many of them have long and rich histories, and have been operating for a long time. You’ll be able to witness the traditional Japanese elements from the moment you arrive.

If you absolutely cannot stay overnight, there are plenty of standalone hot springs and onsen baths within ryokans that accept day visitors.

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4. Takaragawa Onsen (Gunma)

Takaragawa Onsen Ousenkaku Japan 7

If you thought Kusatsu Onsen was a hidden gem, then Takaragawa Onsen is completely off the map!

This onsen town is considered to be one of the most romantic getaways. It is often one of the top choices for couples looking for a relaxing weekend trip in a ryokan. You’ll find that plenty of ryokans here are actually located on the mountainside which present some indescribable scenery. It is located in the mountainous region of Gunma, after all!

The authenticity of the ryokans here really shines through. Some have been operating for a number of years and have developed an ambient that’s irreplaceable. From their structural beauty to the minimalist decor of the rooms, it’s wholly Japanese.

Takaragawa Onsen Ousenkaku Japan 9

The best time to visit this magical hot spring town would have to be peak autumn. This is due to its location in the deep in the mountains. It is surrounded by nature, and when the trees change their leaf colour, it’s simply breathtaking.

Note that Takaragawa Onsen is a little further away than the aforementioned onsen towns. It’s still a relatively short distance away from Tokyo. It takes roughly three hours to get to via train.

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Takaragawa Onsen Ousenkaku Japan 4

If you want to explore another onsen town in Gunma, we also recommend you the beautiful Ikaho Onsen!

5. Atami

Sun Beach Atami

For many, visiting the Shizuoka prefecture is the perfect getaway to witness Mount Fuji, trek along the Jogasaki coast, and go hiking across the multiple mountain ranges in the region.

However, not many will realize that Shizuoka is also home to one of the most underrated (yet rising in popularity!) and laidback onsen ryokan resorts in Japan – Atami Onsen.

A mere hour away via train, Atami Onsen is a seaside onsen town. You have the gentle lull of Sagami Bay on one end of town, and the mountain ranges on the other. For nature lovers, Atami Onsen is the full package.

Atami Castle 1
View from Atami Castle

Atami Onsen was and still is, a major cultural landmark in Japan. It’s been visited and enjoyed by locals for more than 1000 years, beginning way back during the Edo Shogun Ieyasu Tokugawa era.

Many locals love to book a weekend getaway to Atami Onsen due to its convenience and peaceful atmosphere. Whilst relaxing in an onsen full of sulfate and salt to heal the entire body sounds like pure bliss, there are other activities you can enjoy there as well.

Atami Onsen Sakuraya Ryokan 1

Atami Castle is a stunning castle that’s worth a visit for a bit of a history lesson and some unique photos.

Atami Castle 1

Atami Baien gardens boast stunning plum blossoms during winter, and you can also take a cable car up to Jukkoku Pass for a different view of Mount Fuji.

Atami Japan - Atami Plum Garden

Atami Onsen is also surrounded by flower gardens and beaches, so you’ll definitely have your fair share of activities to participate in, whether you’re an individual traveler or traveling in a large group.

6. Kinugawa Onsen

Kinugawa Onsen

Kinugawa Onsen is located a few hours away from Tokyo in the popular Nikko area. It is arguably one of the most famed onsen towns across the Kanto region for its stunning traditional Japanese baths, breathtaking landscape scenery, and plentiful ryokan options for all sorts of travellers.

Kinugawa Onsen Ryokan 1

In addition to its hot springs, visitors to this area often pay visits to the Edo Wonderland Nikko Edomura theme park to get a taste of historical Japan as well as the Tobu World Square theme park, which features replicas of famous monuments around the world.

Kinugawa Onsen Ryokan 2

During summer, you can hop on a wooden boat to go for a cruise down the Kinugawa River, but the real treat is in winter when you’re gently resting on a steaming hot onsen bath, taking in the view of the snowfall outside the window.

If you want to choose a Ryokan in Kinugawa Onsen, we highly recommend the beautiful Tsuganoki Ryokan!

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I hope you enjoyed our post about the best onsen ryokans near Tokyo! We could actually add Nozawa Onsen as it’s not too far from Tokyo. If you are interested, we made a list of the best Ryokan in Nozawa here.

Relaxing in a traditional Japanese inn may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you’re planning your Japan trip. In fact, for the adventure-seekers, this may seem like the opposite of what you’re looking for. However, hear us out because experiencing a stay at a ryokan is an adventure in itself.

Nowhere else in the world will you be able to admire the structural beauty of an authentic ryokan, possibly built hundreds of years ago.

The Japanese adhere to the philosophy of “omotenashi”, which means to provide the best service as possible without expecting anything in return. Therefore, nowhere else will you be attended to by the most accommodating staff members you’ll ever experience. 

Lastly, there’s nothing like appreciating the natural beauty of Japan’s landscape through the comfort of your own traditional Japanese room. Complete with quality tatami mat flooring, beautiful Japanese furniture, and a steaming pot of green tea, and you’ve got yourself a winner.


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