11 Secret Ryokans In Hakone With Private Outdoor Onsen To Book In 2024

Japanese Traditional Inn #3 - Kinnotake Tonosawa (Adult Only) 3

Hakone is a real treat for visitors to Japan! The relatively more relaxed town just 1.5 to 2 hours outside of Tokyo provides a slice of distinct Japanese culture and history in a setting reminiscent of something straight out of a Japanese movie.

Whilst it’s often depicted and described as a place you’d go to, to wind down, recharge, and soak in onsen all day long, it’s also actually home to a plethora of activities that can be enjoyed by couples and groups alike.

Hakone Japan

As we mentioned, amongst some of the top reasons why Hakone is such a popular side trip is because it is an onsen resort destination. Although there are hundreds sprinkled across Japan, its convenient location and stunning scenery across all seasons of the year makes it one of the top engagers of visitors.

The ryokans within this region are some of the most spectacular you’ll ever come across. From humble, older-style traditional ryokans run by generations of the same family, to new, state-of-the-art ryokans build specifically with contemporary design and comfort in mind whilst still adhering to basic Japanese ryokan principles, you’ll find you’re spoilt for choice here.

Japanese Traditional Inn #3 - Kinnotake Tonosawa (Adult Only) 3

The 11 Best Ryokans In Hakone With Private Onsen

Atami Onsen Sakuraya Ryokan 1

If you’re looking for serenity, beauty, and a bit of privacy, we recommend looking booking a stay at a ryokan that offers a private onsen, sometimes within the guest rooms, and sometimes within the accommodation, which means you can book a session with the reception.

We’ve curated a list of the top 11 best ryokan in Hakone with a private onsen for you to explore, so have fun picking when they’re all literally 10/10!

Please note that often, because of their popularity, ryokan rooms with their own private onsen get booked out weeks or even months in advance, so it’s best to try and secure a room as soon as you can.

Alternatively, few ryokans also offer private onsens outside the rooms. You just need to book them in advance for a certain period of time at the reception. We recommend you to do it during the check-in to secure your slot.

  1. Hakone Suimeisou
  2. Susukinohara Ichinoyu
  3. Kinnotake Tonosawa
  4. Yoshiike Ryokan
  5. Fukuzumiro
  6. Yutorelo-an
  7. Ichinoyu Shinkan
  8. Yoshimatsu
  9. Matsuzakaya Honten
  10. Yaeikan
  11. Hakone Airu

1. Hakone Suimeisou

Best Ryokan In Hakone with Private Onsen #1 - Hakone Suimeisou 1

This gorgeous ryokan is conveniently located only 3-minutes from Hakone Yumoto Station for those traveling by public transport there. It’s a great base for those looking to leisurely explore the surrounding area, including visiting Odawara Castle and the Hakone Open-Air Museum.

Best Ryokan In Hakone with Private Onsen #1 - Hakone Suimeisou 1

Whilst it’s not one of the most traditionally-built ryokans, it does an exceptional job at applying Japanese design principles to make its clean, minimalist rooms reminiscent of Japanese ryokan tradition. Here, you can book a room that offers its own private onsen that you can utilise at any time.

There is also a private hot spring bath onsite that can be reserved for a period of time at an additional charge, and there is also a public onsen on the top floor that can be visited by all guests.

Best Ryokan In Hakone with Private Onsen #1 - Hakone Suimeisou 1

Guest Tips: The ryokan is literally around the corner from the train station so you don’t have to worry about getting to and from. If you’re craving pizza, there’s a joint opposite the ryokan run by an Australian who serves up a mean wood-fired pizza. Try and book the private onsen room if possible, but if not, the public open-air one on the top floor is incredible.

Book It Now: Hakone Suimeisou Ryokan

2. Susukinohara Ichinoyu

Best Ryokan In Hakone with Private Onsen #2 - Susukinohara Ichinoyu 2

For a relaxing stay with an inviting private onsen right in your own room, a stay at the contemporary Susukinohara Ichinoyu should be on the books.

This modern-style ryokan offers the best of both worlds: the minimalist principles of a ryokan with the tatami mat flooring, strong wooden structures and stunning nature views combined with the comfort of traditional western accommodation such as spacious lounging furniture, flat-screen TVs and private bathrooms.

Best Ryokan In Hakone with Private Onsen #2 - Susukinohara Ichinoyu 2

Why Guests Love It: It’s the perfect base if you’re planning to visit places such as the Hakone Botanical Garden of Wetlands, Museum of the Little Prince, Hakone Lalique Museum, and Venetian Glass Museum. The traditional but modern design is something that many people appreciated. There’s a convenience store right next door for anything you might need.

Book It Now: Susukinohara Ichinoyu Ryokan

3. Kinnotake Tonosawa (Adult Only)

Japanese Traditional Inn #3 - Kinnotake Tonosawa (Adult Only) 3

For a top of the range, premium-grade ryokan stay, Kinnotake Tonosawa is the perfect option. The luxury guest rooms all come with a private onsen bath. There are various private onsen designs offered at this ryokan but you can view them online and select the one you’re after.

Japanese Traditional Inn #3 - Kinnotake Tonosawa (Adult Only) 3

The moment you step into this ryokan will be pure bliss, from the attentive staff to the surrounding bamboo grove that create the most welcoming environment and gorgeous views. There’s also a luxurious public onsen if you’d like to experience it as a group. Please note that this ryokan is for adults only.

Japanese Traditional Inn #3 - Kinnotake Tonosawa (Adult Only) 3

Guest Tips: The staff are extremely attentive and helpful, even going to great lengths to deliver a birthday cake at midnight! The authenticity of this ryokan was outstanding, and the entire experience was quite immersive. The meals here are some of the best you’ll ever taste.

Book It Now: Kinnotake Tonosawa Ryokan

4. Yoshiike Ryokan

Best Ryokan In Hakone with Private Onsen #4 - Yoshiike Ryokan 1

Beautiful views, convenient location, clean and modern facilities, spacious guest rooms, carefully curated kaiseki meals using only the freshest seasonal ingredients…what more could you want from a ryokan?

Yoshiike Ryokan not only offers the above, but also the option to select rooms that offer private onsens, a few stunning public onsen onsite for staying guests as well as a private one that can be booked, a relaxing outdoor pool in the summer season, and even karaoke facilities if you’re looking for that extra bit of entertainment. Just book it now already, what are you waiting for?

Best Ryokan In Hakone with Private Onsen #4 - Yoshiike Ryokan 1

Guest Tips: Its rustic, traditional feel makes the experience all the more authentic. It’s also within close walking distance to a famous soba noodle restaurant.

Book It Now: Yoshiike Ryokan

5. Fukuzumiro

Best Ryokan In Hakone with Private Onsen #5 - Fukuzumiro 2

As one of the most traditional ryokans on this list, no one can doubt its authenticity from the moment you lay your eyes on it. From its grand entrance framed by a dragon signage to the dark timber lining the floors and encapsulating the private onsen, it’s a Japan culturalists’ dream.

Not only that, but the large spacious guest rooms boast gorgeous tatami mat flooring, shoji sliding doors, and massive windows which open up to stunning garden or river views. There are rooms which offer private onsen as well as a public onsen on site.

Best Ryokan In Hakone with Private Onsen #5 - Fukuzumiro 2

Guest Tips: If it’s a truly localised, traditional Japanese ryokan experience you’re after, Fukuzumiro will not disappoint. The public onsen is accessible for longer-than-usual hours (3:00pm – 9:30am the next morning).

Book It Now: Fukuzumiro Ryokan

6. Yutorelo-an

Japanese Traditional Inn #6 - Yutorelo-an

Yutorelo-an is considered one of the bestsellers in all of Hakone, and there are plenty of reasons why. Its location is fantastic, allowing you to access a bunch of sites and activities in less than an hour (a leisurely hour).

There are guest rooms which offer private onsen baths that overlook the gorgeous surrounding mountains, otherwise there is a private outdoor onsen that can be reserved for a period of time at the front desk.

There are also massage chairs that are free to use for guests onsite, and a free shuttle service to and from Gora Station. Everything is available right at your fingertips here.

Japanese Traditional Inn #6 - Yutorelo-an

Guest Tips: The free massage chairs were such a highlight, you must make time for them during your stay.

Book It Now: Yutorelo-an Ryokan

7. Ichinoyu Shinkan

Best Ryokan in Hakone with Private Onsen #7 - Ichinoyu Shinkan 1

Ichinoyu Shinkan is the first ryokan on the list to offer what most people don’t think about – high ceilings. Whilst this may be considered a minor factor by some, it’s this often-forgotten aspect of a room that just gives it that extra touch of comforting and relaxing vibe.

In addition, Ichinoyu Shinkan offers rooms that come with private onsen baths, as well as public indoor and outdoor onsens for staying guests. It also allows guests to choose whether they want western style bedding or Japanese style futon bedding.

Guest Tips: The breakfast and dinner here was out of this world, and it is recommended that you book it in as there are not that many eateries close by. Make use of the luggage transfer service offered by the ryokan and Hakone Yumoto station (for a small fee) – it’s totally worth it!

Book It Now: Ichinoyu Shinkan

8. Yoshimatsu

Best Ryokan in Hakone with Private Onsen #8 - Yoshimatsu

If you’re struggling to find a ryokan that caters for larger groups, then look no further than Yoshimatsu. This gorgeous traditional Japanese inn offers spacious guest rooms not only for couples, but for groups of up to five people (this would be their luxury suite!).

The decor throughout this ryokan is simply breathtaking, making use of light timber, cobblestones, and subtle lighting to make it a space you can retire back to after a long day and immediately feel rested.

Best Ryokan in Hakone with Private Onsen #8 - Yoshimatsu

Certain rooms in this ryokan offer a private outdoor onsen bath (as opposed to indoor like the majority of ryokans listed here), making it all the more lucrative. It boasts views overlooking Mount Fuji and Lake Ashi, and provides a free shuttle to and from Hakone Machi Bus Station. 

Guest Tips: Instead of a check-in counter, you get greeted with warm tea and cookies whilst they prepare your room and luggage! The place is not huge, but designed in a way that makes you feel right at home.

Book It Now: Yoshimatsu Ryokan

9. Matsuzakaya Honten

Japanese Traditional Inn #9 - Matsuzakaya Honten

They say to save the best for last, and we may have just done so with this list. Described as “the ultimate couple’s getaway”, Matsuzakaya Honten leaves nothing to the imagination with its definitively gorgeous facilities, stunning architecture, and 10/10 staff.

This accommodation is relatively big, providing a high number of rooms to cater for guests, but you will feel as though you’re in your own private world once you retire back to your spacious well-lit room.

Japanese Traditional Inn #9 - Matsuzakaya Honten

There are certain rooms which offer a private onsen bath, however, if you don’t manage to book one of those rooms, there are several private onsen located onsite that can be reserved at the front desk. Otherwise, there is also a larger communal onsen onsite which can also be experienced.

Japanese Traditional Inn #9 - Matsuzakaya Honten

Guest Tips: During winter, you can relax back in your private onsen whilst taking in the views of the snow clinging to the trees, and it’s simply magical. The private onsen was very easy to book, and as there are a few, you will most likely have no hiccup finding a time.

Book It Now: Matsuzakaya Honten

10. Yaeikan

Yaeikan Ryokan Hakone 1

Japanese hospitality, or omotenashi, is alive and thriving at Yaeikan, one of Hakone’s most popular ryokans. Yaeikan has been around for many years and has amassed loyal customers and a reputation for providing top-tier service and a relaxing and memorable experience for all.

Yaeikan Ryokan Hakone 1

Yaeikan’s biggest claim to fame would be its numerous distinct onsen baths that boast stunning views of the surrounding mountains. An afternoon session here, soaking in the hot therapeutic water whilst gazing out at the pinnacle of Japan’s natural landscape is pure bliss.

Yaeikan Ryokan Hakone 1

Each guestroom offers soft lighting for ambiance and restfulness, green tea, futon bedding, tatami flooring, and huge open windows. Some rooms also offer their own private onsen baths, so you can relax in the privacy of your own space, gazing up at the sky whilst time slips away.

Traditional decor characterizes this special ryokan, and you’ll understand why people often leave raving reviews about it from the moment you enter its space.

Book It Now: Yaeikan Ryokan Hakone

11. Hakone Airu

ryokan Hakone Airu

Hakone Airu sits at a prime position in Hakone Onsen town, with stunning views of the mountains offered from the private open-air onsen baths.

Guests will be treated to a premium experience, with the Ryokan offering an in-house restaurant, room service, and a bar.

ryokan Hakone Airu

All guest rooms boast a private onsen bath, with the upper levels boasting an open-air environment. A delicious traditional Kaiseki meal is served for dinner, using only the freshest seasonal ingredients.

ryokan Hakone Airu

Incorporating traditional Japanese ryokan elements as well as taking inspiration from the relaxing and rejuvenating living styles of South-East Asia, Hakone Airu is quite a vibe.

Guests Tips: It’s a fabulously romantic choice for couples. Tattoos are strictly not allowed in public onsen baths, but you can enjoy your private onsen in the comfort of your room here.

Book It Now: Hakone Airu

Now that we’ve finished with the list, you’ve got the difficult decision of making a choice! We know how hard it can be, just look at how stunning each and every one of these ryokans are.

Just know that the standard of quality in terms of experience, staff, food, and views across all 11 ryokans are of premium grade or above, so whichever you decide you’d like to go with, we guarantee you’ll enjoy your stay immensely no matter what.

After you finalise your booking, feel free to read these 10 rules applicable in a traditional inn in Japan: Ryokan Etiquette. And if you are looking for more places to enjoy a Ryokan stay near Tokyo, check this out: Onsen Ryokan near Tokyo.

  1. the prices these ryokans have are outrageous… they look gorgeous, but there’s no way the average person would spend 1,500 euros for 2 nights in a ryokan.

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