🐥 Bath With REAL Ducks In This Onsen In Japan!

Tamagawa Onsen Real Ducks 3

Cause bathing with a rubber duck is too mainstream!

In the list of #OnlyInJapan activities, please add bathing in onsen with real ducks..

It may sound like a joke but this is very real. 😀

Arai-san, Tamagawa Onsen manager, was raising two cute little ducks at home. For the 10th anniversary of the onsen, he thought why not bring these lovely creatures to the onsen!

Tamagawa Onsen Real Ducks 1
Credits: Tamagawa Onsen

Well, as you can imagine, the regular customers of the bathhouse were a bit surprised to see these new guests. But they loved them, specially the kids.

From that point, the ducks started to make regular appearances during the weekends and holidays.

Who needs a rubber duck anymore? 🙂

Tamagawa Onsen Real Ducks 2
Credits: Tamagawa Onsen

To get a bit more info about Tamagawa Onsen, it is located in Saitama prefecture, in the North of Tokyo. Here’s the exact location of the onsen: Tamagawa Onsen On Google Maps.

So, would you soak in an onsen with real ducks next to you? Let us know in the comments!

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