20 Anime Locations In Real Life In Tokyo You MUST Visit

For those of us who love anime, we might be wondering if some of the locations in the series that we watch are actually based on real life. The answer is yes! This is known as “Seichijunrei” in Japanese, which means “real-life anime locations”. It’s become common practice to visit some of the places featured in anime — it’s kind of like a pilgrimage of sorts!

Below are 20 of the many anime locations in Tokyo — take down some of them for your next trip to the capital city of Japan!

1. Suga Shrine (Your Name)

Suga Shrine Stairs Your Name

One of the most popular anime locations in Tokyo is the Suga Shrine steps featured in the final scene in Your Name, where Taki and Mitsubishi met at the end of the movie. This red railing down the flight of steps can be found in the Yotsuya neighbourhood.

Location: Suga Shrine

2. Yotsuya Station (Your Name)

Yotsuya Station Your Name

Not far from the first location is the Yotsuya Station. This is where Taki and Okudera-senpai met to go on their date. Just this station alone has multiple locations from the anime, and with a quick look around the area you’ll be able to recognise the spots from the movie yourself.

Yotsuya Station Your Name 1

Location: Yotsuya Station

3. Shakuji River (Your Lie in April)

Shakuji River Your Lie in April

Another famous anime is Your Life in April. One of the real-life anime locations from this anime in Tokyo is the Shakuji River. This location is featured in one of the first few episodes in spring when Kosei and Kaori walk home together. It’s also a very beautiful cherry blossom spot.

Location: Shakuji River

4. Shinjuku Station East Exit (Tokyo Ghoul)

Shinjuku Station East Exit Tokyo Ghoul

Shinjuku Station is big, so don’t get lost trying to find this place. At the East Exit, this is a real-life location of a Tokyo Ghoul scene, when Kaneki goes to meet Touka. It’s briefly featured but definitely worth a visit as it is identical to the scene in the anime!

Location: Shinjuku Station East Exit

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5. Kabukicho Crossing (Tokyo Ghoul)

Kabukicho Crossing Tokyo Ghoul

Kabukicho and Kabukicho Crossing are both features in Tokyo Ghoul. This area is a famous attraction spot but also a real-life anime location! Kabukicho was featured briefly after Kaneki and Touka meet, and the crossing is featured at a different time in the anime when Kaneki is alone.

Location: Kabukicho and Kabukicho Crossing

6. Radio Kaikan (Steins;Gate)

Akihabara, Tokyo - Steins Gate

In the Akihabara neighbourhood, you can find Radio Kaikan, a real-life anime location featured multiple times in Steins;Gate. This is because this is the building that the time machine crashed into in the first season.

Location: Radio Kaikan

7. Kanda Fureai Bridge (Steins;Gate)

Kanda Fureai Bridge Steins;Gate

Another real-life anime location is the Kanda Fureai Bridge, featured in Steins;Gate as well. The bridge and locations around the bridge were featured multiple times in the anime with various characters.

Location: Kanda Fureai Bridge

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8. Tama River (Tokyo Revengers)

Tama River Tokyo Revengers

In the Tokyo Revengers anime, the Tama River was featured in one of the first episodes, after Takemichi meets Mikey and Draken for the first time. If you want it to look just like the anime, go when the sun is lower.

Location: Tama River

9. Shibuya Bridge (Tokyo Revengers)

Shibuya Bridge Tokyo Revengers

Another location from Tokyo Revengers is the Shibuya Bridge. This is where Takemichi and Chifuyu talked to Baji, and the conversation happened on this bridge. Some of the things might be a little different, but because this anime was from long ago, it might be made to accuracy in the past.

Location: Shibuya Bridge

10. Asakusa (Demon Slayer)

Asakusa Demon Slayer

Asakusa is also one anime locations in real life in Tokyo!

It’s the spot where Tanjiro first comes face to face with Muzan in Demon Slayer. In the anime, Asakusa was pictured in the 1920s, so some areas might vary slightly from the anime, but when you visit this place yourself, you can see how much the neighbourhood has changed throughout time, and what has stayed the same.

Location: Asakusa

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11. Harajuku Station (Jujutsu Kaisen)

Harajuku Station Jujutsu Kaisen

In Jujutsu Kaisen, many locations around Harajuku Station are real-life anime locations. One is at the beginning of the anime when Itadori and Fushiguro meet up with Gojo, and it features the new building above the station because the anime is so new!

Location: Harajuku Station

12. Takeshita Street (Jujutsu Kaisen)

Takeshita Street Jujutsu Kaisen

Also in Jujutsu Kaisen, Takeshita Street is a real-life anime location. The trio, Itadori, Fushiguro and Gojo, went down the street to meet up with Nobara near a coin locker station nearby (which is at the top of a building on Takeshita Street too!).

Location: Takeshita Street and Coin Locker Spot

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13. Kanda Myojin Shrine (Love Live)

Kanda Myojin Shrine Love Live

At the foot of Akihabara Station is the Kanda Myojin Shrine, which is a real-life anime location featured in Love Live. The shrine is featured frequently in the anime, and the shrine itself in real life sells merchandise of the anime!

Location: Kanda Myojin Shrine

14. Hibiya Park (Death Note)

Hibiya Park Death Note

In one of the most popular animes in the world is Death Note, and one of the real-life anime locations is in Hibiya Park. This is when Light and Naomi walk through together before he kills her. The one near the monument is almost identical to some of the scenes in the movie.

Location: Hibiya Park

15. Tokyo Station (Haikyuu!!)

Tokyo Station Haikyuu in real life

In Haikyuu!!, most of the scenes are set in the Miyagi prefecture, but the Karasuno team travels to Tokyo for tournaments. One of the real-life anime locations is the Tokyo Station as it is a central travel hub of the city.

Location: Tokyo Station

16. Koenji Hikawa Shrine (Weathering with You)

Koenji Hikawa Shrine Weathering with You

Weathering With You has a lot of Tokyo locations in this animated film. One of the most significant ones is the Koenji Hikawa Shrine. The Kisho Shrine is a rare Shinto shrine dedicated to the weather, originally built in 1944 by the Army Weather Department.

In the anime, there was a close-up shot of some of these Geta Ema, which are sandal-shaped wooden plaques for visitors to write their wishes.

Location: Koenji Hikawa Shrine

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17. Old Chichibu Bridge (Anohana)

Anime in Real Life Chichibu Bridge - The Flower We Saw That Day (Ano Hana)

In the Greater Tokyo area, the Chichibu City is a real-life anime location on the Anohana anime. In the 11 episodes, viewers become familiar with the region. One of the iconic locations here is the Old Chichibu Bridge that crosses the Arakawa River. This bridge appears in the opening credits, posters and trailers.

Location: Old Chichibu Bridge

18. Saitama’s Apartment in Meidaimae (One Punch Man)

Saitama’s Apartment in Meidaimae One Punch Man

In One Punch Man, Saitama’s apartment and the street is actually a real-life anime location! These spots were both based on a real apartment and street on Meidaimae. There are slight differences but for the most part, it is the exact same!

Location: Meidaimae Street

19. Sunshine-Doori (Durarara!!)

Sunshine-Doori Durarara

One of the main locations in Durarara!! is Sunshine-Doori, and it is a real-life anime location. Many of the characters hang around here and along Sunshine-Doori. It is also a great place for shopping in Ikebukuro.

Location: Sunshine-Doori

20. Ikebukuro Station (Durarara!!)

Ikebukuro Station Durarara

In Durarara!!, there are many scenes featuring Ikebukuro Station, making it a great real-life anime location. There is one scene in the underground walkways that is exactly like in the anime, but the entire station is full of real-life anime locations if you look around for yourself.

Location: Ikebukuro Station

These are just 20 out of the many real-life anime locations in Tokyo. On your next trip to the capital city, keep your eyes wide open — you might even catch more spots on your own while exploring around!

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