The 15 Best Anime Merchandise Shops in Tokyo You Need To Know In 2024

Best Anime Merchandise Shops In Tokyo

Anime and manga are two things that Japan is widely known for. These are staples in Japanese culture, so it’s not surprising to see that the country is filled with anime-related destinations. Its capital city, Tokyo, is no different.

Tokyo is a hub for anime lovers all over the world. It’s home to Akihabara, the district famed for its wide range of specialty stores offering an extensive collection of anime-related merchandise. In Tokyo, the anime culture is vibrant. You can find anything to do with anime, from keychains to costumes and everything in between.

Whether you’re a hardcore or casual anime fan, you will be in awe of the shops offering a wide variety of anime merchandise to enjoy.

The 15 best anime merchandise shops in Tokyo

As the leading place in Japan for anime merchandise, there’s an overwhelming number of options for fans and tourists. That is why we’ve compiled a list of the 15 best anime merchandise shops in Tokyo that you need to know about.

  1. Mandarake
  2. K-Books
  3. Yellow Submarine
  4. Toy Barn
  5. Kotobukiya
  6. Kiddy Land
  7. Bookoff
  8. Jump Shop
  9. Animate
  10. Lashinbang
  11. Hobby Tengoku
  12. B-Point Store
  13. AmiAmi
  14. Mugiwara
  15. Sailor Moon Store

1. Mandarake

Mandarake is a popular chain of stores in Japan that sells various manga, anime, and other collectibles. Their first store opened in Nakano, Tokyo, in 1987. However, the Mandarake Complex in Akihabara has become one of Tokyo’s most popular anime merchandise shops and has become a tourist attraction.

Fans of anime will be pleased to know that the shop has a special section devoted to secondhand, vintage, and limited edition items, making it a treasure trove for serious collectors. Even though most people think the items are expensive, you can actually find good deals in Mandarake.

2. K-Books

K -Books Japan

If you want to drown in a sea of manga, K-Books should be on top of your Tokyo shopping list. The main focus of K-Books is manga. They have over a hundred thousand books on just one floor, so it can be overwhelming, especially if you’re not sure what you’re looking for yet.

K-Books is the go-to place if you’re trying to find rare and obscure titles because they will most definitely have them.

Besides manga, you can find cosplay costumes, anime figures, and posters, among other anime merchandise.

3. Yellow Submarine

Yellow Submarines Akihabara

Yellow Submarine may not be on the top of the list for anime merchandise shops in Tokyo, but it’s still worth a visit. It’s a well-known chain of stores specializing in hobby and gaming merchandise, including anime merchandise.

If you especially love robots and mecha-anime, Yellow Submarine is a great shop to explore. Their mecha-anime merchandise collection is commendable, and you can find some of the best items in this category in the shop.

4. Toy Barn

Toy Barn Anime Mechandise Shop

Toy Barn is one underrated anime merchandise shop found in Nakano, Tokyo. They have a great selection of anime items, but their Naruto and Dragon Ball collections are the main attractions.

Their items are a mixture of new and secondhand items, but you’ll find more pre-owned items. Many people, especially hardcore figurine collectors, enjoy shopping in Toy Barn because it’s easy to find rare and vintage anime merchandise for a reduced price.

5. Kotobukiya

Kotobukiya Akihabara

Kotobukiya is one of the leading manufacturers of anime and collectible merchandise. The company is known for the quality and exquisite detail of its figures. If you’re the kind of collector who cares about your items’ quality, this store is a must-visit.

Kotobukiya is a large 5-floor shop with a showroom that is free to view. Although they have various items for sale, the management encourages locals and tourists to visit the store to see and enjoy the exhibits. This place is a good starting point if you don’t plan to collect immediately but want to experience anime culture up close.

6. Kiddy Land

Kiddy Land Shop Tokyo

Kiddy Land is the shop to visit if you enjoy cute and fun anime like Doraemon and Hello Kitty. They are a wonderland for Sanrio and Disney figures. Although Kiddy Land seems like a haven for kids, adults will find it equally amusing.

In Kiddy Land, you can find almost any kind of merchandise, from keychains to socks to umbrellas. There is a seemingly limitless amount of items to find and choose from.

The best thing about Kiddy Land is it’s tax-free, so for people looking for good deals, this will surely be a place you will spend hours in.

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7. Bookoff

Book Off

Renowned as one of the best secondhand shops for a wide variety of merchandise, it’s no surprise that Bookoff welcomes thousands of people yearly. Their shop in Akihabara is their biggest, with six floors dedicated to all their books, music, movies, video games, and manga.

Although Bookoff is really a bookstore filled with Japanese reading materials, you will be surprised by their admirable collection of anime merchandise, like figures from popular anime titles like Naruto and One Piece.

Bookoff isn’t only a place to buy. You can also sell your used manga and anime figures.

8. Jump Shop, Shibuya

If you’re looking for the top Shonen Jump anime merchandise, then Jump Shop is definitely worth a visit. Jump Shop is a retail store belonging to Jump Magazine, a popular weekly manga magazine in Japan.

Jump Shop’s collection consists mostly of merchandise from animes such as One Piece, Bleach, and My Hero Academia. They have thousands of items for people to browse.
However, what draws both locals and tourists to the store are the signing events where they invite popular voice actors.

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9. Animate

Animate Shop Tokyo Japan

One of the most famous anime shops in Tokyo is Animate. They have various branches around Tokyo, but their Akihabara branch is where people flock to the most. The reason is that the Akihabara branch has seven floors overflowing with everything anime and manga-related.

Animate is well-loved because of their amazing selection. They have merchandise for animes that aren’t as popular as Naruto or One Piece. Some Animate branches even have items that are exclusive to them, such as cosplay costumes and accessories.

10. Lashinbang


Lashinbang is a popular chain of stores with one branch on Otome Road in Ikebukuro. Otome Road is famous for its wide selection of anime and manga shops, but Lashinbang is among the most loved and popular in the area.

Lashingbang is famous for its anime figures which are always on sale. The items you can find cover many animes, even those not many know of.

Many beginner anime collectors go to Lashinbang because of the range and the budget-friendly price of the figures. Many of their secondhand items are unopened, so customers can get good quality items at amazing deals.

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11. TamTam Hobby Shop

Tamtam Hobby Tengoku Shop Akihabara

For plastic model kits and Japanese pop culture items, there’s no other place that can best Tamtam Hobby shop. The store in Akihabara is comprised of 3 floors.

The first floor is filled with everything anime-related, so Otakus at heart will be more than satisfied here. The second floor is for their renowned plastic models, while the third is dedicated to doll-related products.

Hobby Tengoku even has a dedicated spot for customers to build their model kits!

12. B-Point Store

B-Point Store Shibuya

For those visiting Japan but who don’t want to be swamped with anime merchandise choices in places like Akihabara, B-Point Store (Shibuya) serves as a calmer anime haven.

For general and casual anime fans, this is the best shop to pop by in Tokyo. B-Point Store offers a wide range of merchandise from popular anime titles such as One Punch Man, Haikyuu, and Naruto.

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13. AmiAmi

AmiAmi Akihabara

One of the largest anime stores in Akihabara is AmiAmi, a Japanese retailer of anime, manga, and video game merchandise. For those interested in figures from popular video game franchises like Pokemon and Final Fantasy, this is the best place to hunt limited edition and high-quality figures.

In addition to their physical stores, they also have an online store catering to those who want to check out the products before purchasing them.

14. Mugiwara

Mugiwara Store Shibuya

There is a special place in Tokyo made for all the One Piece fans: Mugiwara. For One Piece fans, visiting this place at least once in their life is a must.

There is no other place like Mugiwara in Shibuya because here, you will see every kind of One Piece merchandise you can think of. Many items in the shop cannot be found anywhere else.

Mugiwara also has life-size figures of all of the One Piece main characters. One Piece fans will definitely be mesmerized to see their favorite characters up close.

15. Sailor Moon Store

Sailor Moon Store Harajuku

Sailor Moon is one of the most widely-known anime in the world, so it’s not surprising to know that a store in Tokyo is dedicated to the beloved anime.

The Sailor Moon Store in Harajuku is the first store dedicated to the anime, so it’s a special location for many fans. In addition to that, many products can only be bought in the store as exclusive goods, such as phone cases and bags.

Anyone who loves Sailor Moon will enjoy a trip to this popular store.

We hope you enjoyed our list of the best anime merchandise shops in Tokyo! We’ve listed all the city’s best and most memorable places for all your anime needs.

These shops aren’t only there to give you products for your collection but also to provide an unforgettable experience that allows you to peek into Japan’s anime culture.

For anime enthusiasts, Tokyo is nothing short of a paradise; a dream destination. No trip to Japan is complete without exploring the many anime hotspots scattered throughout the city. So, if you’re a fan, take some time to discover these places.

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