Tokyo Photographers – 11 Photoshoots To Get Stunning Pictures Of You

When it comes to visiting our dream travel destinations, there is one thing that every traveler should never forget to do – and that is taking pictures!

Documenting our travels is one of the best things we can do for ourselves. We are already investing so much time and money to book amazing experiences for ourselves in Japan, so why not celebrate it by splurging a little more to have stunning photos to celebrate the occasion?

Photoshoot tours have become a rising trend among travel bugs. These guided tours come with the best keepsake for any travel destination: a set of vibrant photos professionally shot to document a once-in-a-lifetime experience as you visit one of a country’s many iconic landmarks and tourist spots and some amazing hidden gems.

And to get those stunning shots that are going to get tons of likes on Instagram, we recommend you to book on Photo Trips!

What’s Photo Trips?

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Photo Trips is basically a platform that connects travellers like you to local photographers. Their services are quite easy to use and they have super talented photographers!

Their photoshoots can range from around one to two hours on average and include anywhere between twenty to a hundred photos that include professional photo editing, posing direction, and a wealth of local experience. Most photographers also indicate the languages that they are well-versed in, so you can be sure to communicate the exact vision you want for the photoshoot of your dreams.

And what better way to kick it off than to book a photoshoot at Japan’s most iconic prefecture – Tokyo?

This metropolitan destination is an exciting and colorful place to visit for any tourist. However, this is especially true if you love taking photos. With so many Instagrammable places to visit during your stay, it makes perfect sense to book a photoshoot that shows off the urban charm of this highly advanced city.

To make your dream photos come true, we have compiled some of our favorite Photo Trip picks to help you narrow down the best spots and packages for a memorable photo shoot in Tokyo. Find the best Tokyo photoshoot to add to your Japan itinerary!

1. The Coolest Photos In Kabukicho, Tokyo’s Red Light District

Kabukicho Photoshoot Shinjuku

Are you a fan of the mystery and romance that old Japanese anime and films carry? Many of these masterpieces were actually set in the bustling streets of Tokyo’s famous red-light district, precisely because of how unique and moody the ambiance is. Photographer Deniz is a regular in the Shinjuku and Kabuchiko areas, and he prides himself in being able to make his subjects look their best by showcasing their personalities.

Deniz is also a multilingual photographer, speaking English, French, & Japanese. This will make photoshoots a much easier process for foreign tourists who are visiting Japan but want a few cool street-style photos. Each package comes with 20 photos reminiscent of the environs in City Hunter, Weathering With You, and Kabuchiko Sherlock, so make sure to dress up in your favorite streetwear OOTD to match the occasion!

Book It Now: Kabukicho Tokyo’s Red Light District Photoshoot

2. Edgy & Stylish Night Portrait Shoot In Shinjuku

Photo Trips - Neon Shinjuku Photoshoot 1

Do you love the look of Tokyo’s busy streets, iconic crossings, and neon lights? This hour-long nighttime Shinjuku photoshoot with Photographer Jay provides an excellent opportunity for iconic pics that showcase the edgy charm of Tokyo’s bustling nightlife by focusing on the stunning streets of Shinjuku.

Jay will provide a minimum of 50 high-resolution, professionally edited photos that capture you, your group, and the surreal, Cyberpunk-esque backdrop of Shinjuku – so make sure to dress in your favorite fit as you strut your stuff on the city streets.

Watch the city come alive as you hit the streets with Jay, who is a Tokyo-based photographer fluent in both English and Japanese – making him the perfect companion for good communication. Whether that’s asking about local eats or asking for pose directions, you can count on his clear instructions any time during your shoot!

Book It Now: Neon Night Photoshoot In Shinjuku

3. Traditional Kimono Photoshoot In Tokyo

Photo Trips - Asakusa Kimono Photoshoot 8

Looking for a more immersive kimono shoot that feels a bit more traditional or otherworldly? This Tokyo Photoshoot by Daria lends a magical look at Asakusa or two other hidden shrines in the city. Daria is a Russian photographer based in Japan, and her style leans heavily into embracing the dreamy nature of ancient temples and sakura in bloom – so this shoot is the perfect choice if you prefer a touch of romance and mystery.

Each shoot with Daria is an hour long and yields about 10 professionally shot and edited photos. Clients that book with Daria can also take home the rest of the raw photos that she was able to capture throughout the duration of your shoot, so you can still go through them and do editing of your own if you spot one that you fancy.

Daria can also recommend plenty of kimono rental places in the surrounding areas, so you can take your time as you plan out your traditional kimono Tokyo photoshoot.

Book It NowTraditional Kimono Photoshoot In Tokyo

4. Romantic Proposal & Couple Photoshoot Straight Out of a J-Drama

Photo Trips - Kyo Proposal Couple Photoshoot Tokyo 4

Are you traveling to Japan with your special someone? Or maybe you’re planning to pop the question at one of Tokyo’s iconic landmarks? Whether you are an ordinary couple looking to snap some perfect memories of your stay or you are planning to kick off your engagement with a stunning proposal, this romantic photoshoot with Tokyo photographer Kyo is definitely one for the books.

With every booking, each couple can enjoy an hour’s worth of shoot time and a grand total of 50 professionally edited photos within seven days of the shoot – so you can announce your engagement online in a week’s time if you’re in a rush. Depending on your desired photoshoot theme as well, Kyo has many great suggestions – including the Sensoji Temple and Kiyosumi Garden for formal kimono-style photos, or prime maple leaf or sakura tree viewing spots if you choose to visit Japan during fall or spring.

Kyo also speaks fluent English, Japanese, and Filipino, so foreign travelers can rest easy and not worry about easy communication.

Book It NowRomantic Proposal / Engagement Photoshoot For Couples In Tokyo

Make sure you also check out this post on how to book a proposal / engagement photoshoot in Tokyo!

5. Tokyo Cyberpunk Photoshoot Straight Out of a Video Game

Photo Trips - Tokyo Cyberpunk Photoshoot 1

Spanning the areas of Shinjuku, Shibuya, and Asakusa, Tokyo photographer Hiroyuki will take you on a Photo Trip that is straight out of a Cyberpunk 2077 cutscene. This Tokyo photoshoot focuses on highlighting the distinct neon lights of this Japanese urban jungle, so you can take full advantage of the unique setting by dressing the part of the Cyberpunk character of your dreams.

Hiroyuki’s Cyberpunk Photoshoot package comes with 30 high-definition photos that have been edited to a professional caliber – and he will also send over more than 100 raw photos that he can capture over the course of the one-hour shoot. Hiroyuki is also bilingual – making him another perfect guide for finding the best spots and suggestions in Tokyo’s bustling nightlife district.

Book It Now: Cyberpunk Photoshoot In Tokyo

6. Cinematic Travel Video Shoot Fit For the Gram

Photo Trips - Yosuke Video Shooting Tokyo 2

Have you ever wanted a cinematic film to look back on your travels? This cinematic Tokyo photoshoot package from Photographer Yosuke is perfect for travelers who want to document their stay in the scenic city of Tokyo in a manner that is perfect for reliving their excitement in video form! Like many other Tokyo photographers on this list, he focuses on the areas of Shibuya, Shinjuku, and Asakusa as the main setting for many of his works.

Unlike the other photographers on this list, however, Yosuke’s main output is a 3 to 5-minute video based on clips and shots taken from your 1.5 hour shoot with him! Yosuke can also opt to shoot videos in vertical format if you are hoping to post the videos to your IG reels, so be sure to advise him on which layout you need. Additionally, he also sends you 5 HD photos with professional finishing.

As a bonus, his past clients have also raved about his local knowledge about the city – so be sure to ask him about the best places to visit during your time together! You can check out his past works here.

Book It NowCinematic Travel Video Shoot In Tokyo

7. Cinematic Engagement Photoshoot in Shinjuku

Couple Photoshoot Shinjuku Kabukicho

Celebrating life’s milestones is always an important part of one’s life. If you and your partner have always loved the cinematic look of Tokyo or perhaps are a big fan of Japanese anime and cinema, why not embrace your fandom wholly with an engagement shoot in the mysterious and romantic streets of Shinjuku?

This is another shoot by Photographer Deniz, showcasing the bright neon lights of Tokyo as the scenic backdrop any couple’s engagement photos. This shooting style is great for capturing any mood – from a casual night out on the town to a full-on bridal shoot in a white dress that contrasts against the moody surroundings.

Partner with this Tokyo photographer for your engagement shoot and explore Shinjuku and Kabuchiko for the perfect locations to suit you and your partner’s desired ambiance!

Book It Now: Cinematic Couple Photoshoot Tokyo

8. Shibuya Photoshoot – The Hottest Spots & Hidden Gems

Photo Trips - Shibuya Photoshoot JG 6

Ah – Shibuya. The iconic city is known for being a hotspot for the trendy youth of Japan and is home to the famous Shibuya Crossing. This tourist spot alone has also made its debut on wildly successful shows like Alice in Borderland and was even a featured location in the anime Jujutsu Kaisen’s intense Shibuya Arc.

Now imagine having major Main Character Syndrome as you walk that iconic crosswalk and many more of Shibuya’s popular photo spots by booking an hour-and-a-half photoshoot with Shibuya-based French photographer, JG! As a long-time resident of Shibuya, JG has become fluent in Japanese. He also has an impressive knowledge of Shibuya’s best-hidden gems – including Shibuya’s lesser-known Dogenzaka area.

If you want the perfect balance of hot tourist spots and gems that are off the beaten path, be sure to give this Photo Trip a try!

Book It NowShibuya Photoshoot – The Hottest Spots & Hidden Gems

9. Kawaii Photoshoot In Harajuku

Photo Trips - Harajuku Photoshoot 1

The same photographer JG just started a new photoshoot is the CUTEST area in Tokyo, Harajuku. If you are into the Kawaii culture, you need to join this photo experience.

JG will take you to the most Kawaii photo spots in Harajuku and they are quite difficult to find if you are visiting the neighbourhood by yourself!

Book It Now: Kawaii Photoshoot In Harajuku

 10. Traditional Photoshoot With Kimonos & Temples In Asakusa

Asakusa Sensoji Temple Photoshoot

Looking for a Tokyo Photoshoot that is both regal and romantic? This Tokyo photoshoot takes place in the stunning Asakusa area – where various temples and pagodas can serve as a scenic background for your themed photos.

No tour in Asakusa is complete without getting suited up in a kimono. Photographer Marvin is a pro at showing tourists around Asakusa, and even has great recommendations for the best kimono rentals in the surrounding area, so you can be sure to find convenient and reasonable spots for stunning kimono designs.

Each package comes with a whopping 100 professionally edited photos filled with the pleasant views and the dynamic colors of the Asakusa area, including some lesser-known spots that Marvin swears by.

Book It NowTraditional Photoshoot With Kimonos & Temples In Asakusa

11. Photoshoot Steeped in Tradition In Kawagoe

Traditional Kimono Photoshoot Kawagoe

Photographer Marvin seems experienced in photographing settings that truly show Japan’s rich heritage. Aside from his Asakusa shoot, he also offers an exciting package over at Kawagoe – where remnants of Japan’s rich Edo period lie just outside of Tokyo!

Like Asakusa, this Kawagoe shoot is best experienced while wearing traditional Japanese garb. As a resident of Kawagoe himself, Marvin has excellent knowledge of the best kimono rental places in the area. He also has insider knowledge on both the most popular sites for tourist photos, as well as some underrated local gems that you cannot miss.

This 2-hour photoshoot will yield about 50 stunning photos, and he can be conversed with in both English and Tagalog by visiting tourists who book with him!

Book It Now: Traditional Kimono Photoshoot In Kawagoe

We hope that this detailed list of top Tokyo photoshoots we chose can help you decide on your ideal Tokyo photographer for your visit to Japan’s capital. No matter the occasion, documenting our travels is a beautiful and memorable souvenir that can help you look back on your visit and immortalize special moments.

Browse more photoshoot packages in Japan here, and make the most of your visit today!

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