The 10 Best Japanese Moisturizers To Hydrate Your Skin In 2023

The 10 Best Japanese Moisturizers To Hydrate Your Skin In 2022

The final step, and arguably the most important step, is moisturizing in any skincare routine.

Priming and prepping your skin beforehand will only be as effective as the quality of the moisturizer at the end to lock in the ingredients and boost its effectiveness to its best ability.

That is why the Japanese skincare market places such great emphasis on having a quality moisturizer in any skincare routine.

Moisturizer effectively helps protect the outermost layer of the skin. A proper moisturizer will guard it from irritants, inflammation, and dehydration.

The best moisturizers will replenish your skin to its natural hydration and boost the supple and firm texture of your outer layer.

With the plethora of Japanese moisturizers out there, it can get a little overwhelming. To help your decision, we’ve narrowed down the 10 best Japanese moisturizers below for you to look into and try.

1.  Naturie Skin Conditioning Gel

Naturie Skin Conditioning Gel has been in the market for as long as many skincare enthusiasts can remember, and this is a testament to how effective and loved this product is.

The unique ingredient in Naturie’s moisturizing gel is Job’s Tears, a natural growing grain that is its key to smoother, brighter, more radiant skin.

It can be used as a moisturizing overnight sleeping gel mask, where you lather a thick layer onto your face and leave it overnight, so that when you wake up, you have plump, supple skin.

The gentle and lightweight formula is suitable for all skin types, across all seasons in the year.


  • Super lightweight and easy to apply
  • Contains Job’s Tears, the key to smoother, brighter more radiant skin
  • Can be used as an overnight mask
  • Suitable for all skin types throughout the year

2. Hada Labo Koi-Gokujyun Hyaluronic Perfect Gel

This hybrid moisturizer and hydrating sleeping mask works perfectly to balance out greasy and oily feeling skin. It comes in a jelly-like consistency, which quickly spreads and absorbs into your skin and hydrates it beyond the surface level.

It’s a lightweight gel, meaning you won’t feel like you’re clogging your pores with a thick moisturizer – your skin can breathe.

It’s best to apply this after priming your skin with toner.


  • Hybrid moisturizer and sleeping mask
  • Easy spread and fast absorption
  • Suitable for oily skin types

3. Sana Nameraka Honpo Isoflavone Soymilk Cream

Sana Nameraka Honpo Isoflavone Soymilk Cream

Soymilk is a globally recognised ingredient that is great for moisturizing, and this particular Soymilk Cream is a cult-favourite amongst skin-care lovers in Japan!

Soymilk is known to preserve skin-firming collagen and elastin, which slows down the process of aging. It contains vitamin E, which is great for skin cell renewal and targeting unwanted particles.

When applied, it has a smooth, almost buttery-like texture which glides over the skin. It’s more suited for dry skin as the richness of the cream might be too thick for those with oily skin.


  • Contains soy milk solution
  • Containing vitamin E
  • Buttery smooth texture
  • Suitable for dry skin

4. Minon Amino Moist Charge Milk

Minon Amino Moist Charge Milk

If you’ve got dry and irritated skin, this is the perfect product for you. This milky moisturizer boasts 11 different kinds of amino acids to help gently restore the skin’s outer layer and reduce irritation.

The milk texture comes out slightly thick but is devoid of any stickiness. It spreads quickly and evenly across the skin and absorbs at a quick rate so there’s no discomfort.

The amino acids present in this moisturizer not only restore the skin’s outer layer, but also helps strengthen the skin’s natural acid, which is essential for retaining moisture.


  • Contains 11 different kinds of amino acids
  • Restores and strengthens skin’s outer layer
  • Smooth thick texture that absorbs quickly
  • Suitable for dry and sensitive skin

5. DHC Super Collagen Cream

DHC Super Collagen Cream

This slightly thicker-than-average moisturizer is infused with Dipeptide-8, which has incredible skin-firming benefits and restores your skin’s outer layer with collagen. It is, in fact, known as one of the best Japanese moisturizers with collagen-boosting results.

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It contains olive oil, rapeseed oil, and jojoba oil, all of which infuse and lock in moisture into your skin. Vitamin E and C rejuvenate and brighten the skin.

It is free from toxic chemicals such as parabens, mineral oils, fragrances, and alcohol, making it suitable for most skin types including sensitive.


  • Contains vitamin E and C
  • Contains olive oil, rapeseed oil, and jojoba oil
  • High collagen content
  • Free from fragrances, parabens, mineral oils, and alcohol
  • Suitable for most skin types

6. Tatcha The Water Cream

Tatcha The Water Cream

Tatcha is a much-loved Japanese brand that has become quite popular globally. Their skincare range is wide-ranging and made of quality ingredients, cementing it as one of the top Japanese brands.

The Tatcha water cream is an oil-free moisturizer that’s best for oily skin. It is infused with Japanese botanicals such as Japanese leopard lily and wild rose which contribute towards removing excess oil and tightening and closing your pores.

It’s also got anti-aging effects, working to smoothen and improve your skin texture.

It is dermatologically tested.


  • Contains Japanese leopard lily and wild rose extracts
  • Tightens pores
  • Hydrates skin whilst removing excess oil and sebum
  • Water-based
  • Sulfate and paraben-free
  • Suitable for oily skin

7. Curel Intensive Moisture Care

Curel Intensive Moisture Care

Curel is a product line produced by Kao, one of Japan’s leading skincare brands. It’s targeted towards sensitive skin, and addresses concerns such as inflamed, irritated, and sensitive skin.

Curel Intensive Moisture Cream is designed specifically for those with dry and sensitive skin. It sounds heavy duty, but is a lightweight formula that is extremely nourishing and hydrating.

It combines Curel’s Ceramide Care Technology which helps the skin quickly and effectively absorb moisture.

This functioning ingredient as well as eucalyptus extract and allantoin all work together to deeply penetrate your skin’s outer layer, so that the skin is soft, moisturized, and protected against the natural elements.


  • Boasts Ceramide Care Technology
  • Containing eucalyptus extract and allantoin
  • Suitable for dry and sensitive skin

8. KOSE Sekkisei Cream Excellent

KOSE Sekkisei Cream Excellent

The KOSE Sekkisei Cream Excellent works as a water-based cream moisturizer as well as an anti-aging cream. What a bargain!

It features ingredients such as Angelica extract and Korean ginseng, both of which work together to brighten and hydrate the skin whilst minimizing dark spots, discolour, fine lines and wrinkles.

Its lightweight formula makes it suitable for most skin types, but it is especially loved by those with oily skin as it is water based.

Its packaging is just a bonus as well – it comes in a gorgeous dark blue tub with gold characters, quite premium looking without the premium price tag.


  • Contains Angelica extract and Korean ginseng
  • Lightweight water-based formula
  • Brightens skin
  • Minimises dark spots, discolour, fine lines and wrinkles
  • Suitable for most skin types

9. DHC Extra Nighttime Moisture

DHC Extra Nighttime Moisture

DHC is no stranger to the skincare game, and their Extra Nighttime Moisture cream is a wonderful addition to anyone’s night-time skincare routine.

Apply this before you go to bed, and this moisturizer will replenish and revitalize your skin during your sleeping cycle regeneration period. It is intensely hydrating and overtime, will improve your skin’s texture as well.

It contains olive oil, squalene, and other nourishing emollients. This cream will also boost your collagen production and improve your skin’s elasticity overtime.


  • Infused with olive oil, squalene, and other emollients
  • Boosts collagen levels
  • Boosts skin elasticity and texture
  • Suitable for most skin types

10. Hada Labo Gokujyun Hyaluronic Acid Premium Lotion

Hada Labo Gokujyun Hyaluronic Acid Premium Lotion

Hada Labo is a much loved skincare brand in Japan for its quality products at super affordable prices, and this premium lotion is quite possibly the cream of the crop!

This lotion boasts five types of hyaluronic acid which, in their purest forms, inject high levels of moisture into your skin.

For those with dry and irritated skin, this lotion absorbs quickly and effectively for relief and does not strip away natural oils.

Its lightweight texture is a much-loved feature, as it is easy and quick to spread. Using this overtime will give you bouncy and plump ‘glass skin’. It’s also believed to assist with fine lines and wrinkles.


  • Contains five types of hyaluronic acid for intense hydration
  • Lightweight texture
  • Quick absorption
  • Affordable
  • Suitable for normal to dry skin

Everyone’s face is different in terms of skin types as well as hydration levels and other concerns. We hope we’ve addressed most in this article; from dry skin, sensitive skin, mature skin, to oily skin, there is a quality Japanese moisturizer out there for everyone.

Finding the right moisturizer for you doesn’t have to be a chore; in fact, it should be fun! There are many great brands as we’ve mentioned above, various types that you can choose from (creams, gels, lotions, etc), and prices to suit all budgets.

As you may have gathered, Japanese moisturizers are all about preventing, restoring, and maintaining moisture. With most being gentle formulas and using only the bare minimum ingredients, there is no wonder why they’re growing so quickly in popularity!

If you’re excited to learn more about Japanese beauty products, specially to hydrate your skin, you can also read our list of the best Japanese oil cleansers, the best Japanese face masks and the best Japanese anti-aging products.

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