The 10 Best Luxury Restaurants In Tokyo You Should Try In 2023

Best Luxury Restaurant in Tokyo

As you step into Tokyo’s bustling culinary world, it’s hard to ignore the allure of its luxurious dining scene. Boasting the most Michelin stars than any other city in the world, it’s not surprising to know that Tokyo is home to some of the best luxury restaurants.

There is a lot of grandeur in the dining scene of Tokyo, regardless of what one is looking for. From intricate sushi plates to juicy cuts of Wagyu beef, Tokyo’s high-end restaurants boast an unrivaled level of sophistication.

If you simply enjoy food or are seeking a unique experience, the luxury restaurants in the city are sure to create a memorable impact.

The 10 Best Luxury Restaurants In Tokyo

With so many options, it’s tempting to go through all of them. That is why we’ve curated a list of Tokyo’s 10 best luxury restaurants to narrow down the choices before you book a place and go!

  2. Takumi Sushi Owana
  3. Kikko
  4. L’Effervescence
  5. Kohaku
  6. Den
  7. Steak House Pound Akihabara
  8. Makiyaki Ginza Onodera
  9. Yakiniku Futago 17th St.
  10. Narisawa


Sezanne Restaurant Tokyo 1

SÉZANNE, found on the 7th floor of the Four Seasons Hotel Tokyo at Marunouchi, is a reliable destination for some of the best French cuisines in Tokyo.

With Chef Daniel Calvert’s expertise and light touch, each dish in the Omakase course menu at SÉZANNE is carefully crafted and plated to satisfy customers’ tastes.

Sezanne Restaurant Tokyo 1

The highlight of their menu is the Roast Hokkaido venison, which has become a restaurant staple. Paired with the restaurant’s impeccable service, guests will surely have one of the best dining experiences in SÉZANNE.

More than the luxurious and delightful selection of dishes, SÉZANNE boasts a well-curated and impressive champagne selection.

2. Takumi Sushi Owana

Takumi Sushi Owana

Takumi Sushi Owana is one of the best sushi restaurants in Tokyo. With a veteran chef behind the beautiful sushi creations, it’s no doubt that this restaurant stands out.

Owner-chef Kenji Owana chooses the ingredients himself, ensuring everything is fresh and up to his standards.

Takumi Sushi Owana

The highlight of the experience in Takumi Sushi Owana is the presentation of the omakase menu. Each dish is delicately put together to give a luxurious and appealing look. Customers can end their meal with a wide variety of sake that will complement the seafood well.

Book It Here: Takumi Sushi Owana

3. Kikko

Kikko restaurant tokyo

Tokyo is a modern, bustling city, but inside this energetic and crowded place is a luxurious and old-fashioned Japanese restaurant. Stepping into Kikko is like going through Japan’s rich history.

Each meal in Kikko is unique because the menu changes depending on the season’s best available ingredients. Everything is served fresh.

Kikko restaurant tokyo

The distinguishing feature of this restaurant is that as guests savor their unique meals, they will be serenaded with traditional Japanese music by the owner.

4. Makiyaki Ginza Onodera

Sometimes, the best luxury restaurants are those hidden from the crowd. This restaurant, nestled on the ninth floor of a building, showcases innovative Fresh-Japanese fusion dishes.

This restaurant emphasizes dishes put together in one of the oldest forms of cooking: grilled over firewood. The firewood is set in the center of the restaurant, making it the main star of the place.

But it’s not just the firewood that’s impressive – the French dishes are expertly fused with Japanese ingredients and techniques to create a one-of-a-kind dining experience.
Make sure to try their famous Basque-style cheesecake for the perfect end to the meal at Makiyaki Ginza Onodera.

Book It Here: Makiyaki Ginza Onodera

5. Yakiniku Futago 17th St.

Yakiniku Futago Tokyo

For a sophisticated yakiniku experience, nothing beats Yakiniku Futago, a luxury restaurant tucked away from the busy streets of Tokyo.

Yakiniku Futago uses only the highest quality ingredients, including premium Japanese Wagyu beef and fresh seafood. They even go through a meticulous method of selecting, aging, and freeze-drying the meats, which ensures that guests get the optimal flavor.

Yakiniku Futago Tokyo

The restaurant aims to delight customers, so they have little details sprinkled with fun, such as how the meat is presented and the names of the courses on the menu.

Book It Here: Yakiniku Futago 17th St

6. L’Effervescence

L'Effervescence Restaurant Tokyo 1

Expect nothing less than perfection from a restaurant with three Michelin stars. This French-influenced restaurant in Tokyo brings new and surprising flavors that blow guests away.

The whole experience in L’Effervescence is poetic. From the ambiance to the names of the dishes, it’s clear to see just how much soul and artistry is put into the restaurant.

L'Effervescence Restaurant Tokyo 1

What really makes this luxury restaurant one of the best in Tokyo is the wine and dessert menu that gives a memorable conclusion to a culinary adventure.

7. Kohaku

Kohaku restaurant tokyo

For people looking for something new, Kohaku will not disappoint.

This restaurant knows how to bring fun into luxury. Head chef Koji Koizumi presents traditional Japanese cuisine, but he puts his own eclectic twist on each dish. In Kohaku, there is no menu. The restaurant is guided by what’s in season, but customers will be surprised to find unusual additions such as star anise and truffles.

Kohaku restaurant tokyo

The best place to enjoy a meal in Kohaku is at the counter seats, where customers can watch their food being prepared. Servers in kimonos serve with a smile, making the whole stay more memorable.

8. Den

Den restaurant tokyo

We barely think about a cozy and relaxed atmosphere when discussing luxury restaurants. However, that’s what Den offers: luxury with a welcoming vibe.

Zaiyu Hasegawa, Den’s owner, only aims to bring a smile to everyone who enters the restaurant. This is their guide to ensure that every dish is cooked with love and happiness.

Even with extravagant ingredients like foie gras in every dish, it feels like indulging in homemade meals!

However, the real charm of Den is its loyal mascot, Puchi Jr., a loyal chihuahua who is integral to the whole Den team.

9. Steak House Pound Akihabara

Steak House Pound Akihabara

Steak House Pound Akihabara brings the best steak to the people of Akihabara. Regardless if you’re a steak lover or not, you will be speechless with how rich the flavor of the steak is.

This restaurant stands out because of its enthralling meat cellar, where guests can see the thorough and careful process of dry-aging the steak. This dry-aging process makes their steak rich, juicy, and irresistible.

With such a delicate process and technique, this steak restaurant leaves little to be desired for those looking for the most luxurious and top-notch steak in Tokyo.

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10. Narisawa

Narisawa restaurant tokyo

Narisawa is renowned for its philosophy of paying homage to Satoyama culture. The focus is on beneficial and sustainable gastronomy. The restaurant serves dishes that give value to Japan’s rich food culture and abundant forests. In Narisawa, customers can enjoy nature on a plate.

If guests prefer immersing themselves in Japan’s culture, this restaurant should be on the list. Their menu changes occasionally, reflecting what is in season in different parts of the country.

Narisawa restaurant tokyo

But in this restaurant, it’s not just about the food. Narisawa is where people can appreciate and enjoy the best Japanese winemaking. They have amazing choices of sophisticated wines and sake, making the luxurious gourmet experience unforgettable.

We hope this list of Tokyo’s 10 best luxury restaurants has inspired you to book reservations and enjoy the city’s grandeur.

Tokyo has it all, whether you’re looking for a luxurious Japanese cuisine steeped in tradition or something that exudes creativity and artistry. These restaurants are sure to deliver a memorable culinary adventure that’s truly remarkable.

Next time you’re in Tokyo and looking to indulge, check out one of these top-tier luxury restaurants. They will not disappoint!

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