Book A Proposal / Engagement Photoshoot In Tokyo With A Professional Photographer

It’s finally time! You are ready to propose to your partner and you decided to do it during your Tokyo trip. What a great idea!

Indeed, Tokyo has so many photogenic and romantic places and doing it here will guaranty that the memory will last forever.

But to capture this beautiful moment, you need a great photographer, right? You need someone that will be discreet enough so you don’t really feel his presence. But at a same time, you need a professional who is able to guide you and to capture the emotion of that moment.

No problem, we have what you are looking for!

Meet Kyo, a professional photographer based in Tokyo who is specialised in proposal and couple photography. He already shot hundreds of couples and he’s going to be perfect for your proposal photoshoot!

Kyo Proposal Photographer Tokyo

You can book a photo session with him here: Proposal Photoshoot In Tokyo.

He offers his services via a platform called Photo Trips. They have a pretty cool concept so let’s discover it here.

What’s Photo Trips?

Photo Trips - Vertical Logo

Photo Trips is basically a platform that connects travellers to local photographers. I think we all agree that pictures are super important when we travel. We want to capture the best moments of our trip but at the same time, we want to enjoy the trip itself without worrying about taking pictures all the time.

That’s why Photo Trips is super useful! You can hire one of their local photographer and they will take you to their favorite photo spots and take epic pictures of you. Some of these spots are quite hidden so you win a lot of time following these local professionals.

Each photographer has a different style and that’s what we love too with this platform! Want a photoshoot with romantic vibes, book Kyo and his proposal / couple photoshoot. Fancy something more edgy? Check out Deniz photoshoot in Shinjuku for example.

Proposal / Engagement Photoshoot In Tokyo

Photo Trips - Kyo Proposal Couple Photoshoot Tokyo 6

So how does this proposal photoshoot in Tokyo really work? First, you will need to choose the date and time of your session on the platform. After that, you can proceed to book the experience.

Once you’ve done that, Kyo will message you and you will start talking about the plan for your proposal. As I said earlier, he has an extensive experience so he can make a lot of recommendations for you. Of course, you always has the final say!

An important step is to choose the location. He has a list of spots that are a great fit for proposal but we will cover in the following paragraph.

When you are all set, Kyo will send you a meeting point and you can start the photo session. After one hour of shooting, he will show you the photos and he will edit 50 high quality shots and send them within a week after the shooting. Pretty simple right?

The Best Proposal /Engagement Spots In Tokyo

The location is very important when it comes to a proposal, right? You can select your favorite location in Tokyo but if you want, Kyo can also make some recommendations according to 3 themes: Nature, Japanese Traditions or City Vibes.


Photo Trips - Kyo Proposal Couple Photoshoot Tokyo 8

This is one of the most requested theme. Indeed, Tokyo has so many beautiful parks and gardens and they are usually very romantic. One of the most popular is Shinjuku Gyoen park for example but you can also go to lesser known spots like Rikugien garden or also Kiyosumi garden.

Japanese Traditions

Photo Trips - Kyo Proposal Couple Photoshoot Tokyo 5

As we are in Japan, why not make your proposal Japanese style! Put a Kimono on and propose to your future life partner in a temple or in a shrine. The most popular temple in Tokyo is probably Sensoji temple. It can be quite busy so the best is to go there in the morning, around 7 am for example.

To rent a kimono, Kyo can make some recommendations on great and affordable kimono rental shops in Tokyo.

City Vibes

Photo Trips - Kyo Proposal Couple Photoshoot Tokyo 4

If you prefer a big city atmosphere for your proposal, you can book a night photography session in Shibuya or Shinjuku for example. The pictures will look amazing with Tokyo’s neon lights. Another famous spot is at the foot of Tokyo Tower!

Alternative 1: Proposal / Engagement Photoshoot In Shinjuku

Couple Photoshoot Shinjuku Kabukicho

If you are looking for something more cinematic and stylish, you can also book this couple photoshoot in Tokyo with Deniz! This session is a bit more modern and original so if you like this style, go for it!

This photographer is specialised in Shinjuku, an area where we all get lost. But he knows all the best photo spots there and he will guide you through this vibrant city.

Couple Photoshoot Shinjuku Kabukicho

Alternative 2: Couple Photoshoot In Tokyo With Vintage Vibe

Photo Trips - Couple Engagement Proposal Photographer 2

Another option would be to book this romantic couple photoshoot with Thierry, a french photographer based in Tokyo. He loves to add a retro vibe to his pictures and the results is pretty amazing!

He can recommend a lot of location that are great for couples and he can also take you to Mount Fuji for the photo session!

Thank you for reading this post about how to book a proposal photoshoot in Tokyo with a professional photographer. If you need more info, feel to ask us your questions in the comments below.

Enjoy your trip to Japan and we all hope “she say yes!”. 🙂

You can also find more photoshoots in Tokyo here!

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