12 Awesome Sushi Making Class In Tokyo You Should Join in 2024

Best Sushi Making Class Tokyo

Tokyo, the ultimate destination for sushi lovers, is the culinary capital of Japan, where centuries-old traditions seamlessly merge with cutting-edge innovation. If you have a deep love for sushi and find yourself in this vibrant city, there is no better way to experience Japan’s rich culinary scene than by enrolling in a premier sushi-making class.

These sushi-making classes will give you a front-row seat to the action, where you can learn from skilled sushi chefs, uncover the secrets of crafting the perfect roll, and savor the delicate balance of flavors.

Whether you’re a curious beginner or a sushi enthusiast, these classes cater to all skill levels, offering a hands-on experience you won’t forget.

We’ve listed the 12 best sushi-making classes in Tokyo so you can easily decide which classes to take when you’re in the city.

1. Sushi-Making Class with Professional Chef in Tokyo

Sushi-Making Class with Professional Chef in Tokyo

Experience the art of sushi-making with Chef Nobu’s immersive sushi-making class. This comprehensive course takes you through the essentials, starting with the history of sushi and the traditional Japanese tools used in its creation.

This all-around experience also allows you to make sushi from scratch by hand, a special skill only sushi chefs can do. You will also explore the techniques of grinding fresh wasabi and creating a multi-layered omelet.

After the class, students can top off their creations with a delicious dessert and green tea. The class is more enjoyable with Chef Nobu’s warm and friendly demeanor, with whom you can ask as many questions as you want.


  • Make your own nigiri sushi
  • Elaborate lesson on handling Japanese tools
  • Complimentary tea and dessert

2. Sushi Making Class in Tokyo at a Michelin-Starred Restaurant

In this hands-on class taught by Michelin-starred chef Kenji Owana, you will learn how to make three types of sushi: makizushi (rolled sushi), nigiri sushi, and gunkanmaki.

The class is an excellent opportunity to learn from a seasoned sushi master and gain experience with sushi-making. Students will learn the history and different types of sushi, as well as the techniques used to make them.

The class is held in a small group, with at most 12 people. This ensures that students have a lot of time to learn and ask questions from Chef Owana.


  • Learn how to make sushi from a prestigious Michelin-starred restaurant
  • Use professional sushi chef knives to create sushi
  • Learn to make 3 styles of sushi: nigiri sushi, makizushi, and gunkanmaki
  • Sushi is served with miso soup

3. Private Tokyo Sushi-Making Class at 100-Year-Old Sushi Bar

Private Tokyo Sushi-Making Class at 100-Year-Old Sushi Bar

One of Tokyo’s most unique and special sushi-making classes happens at a 100-year-old sushi bar, Sushi Bar Yachiyo. It is one of the most respected sushi bars in Tokyo.

This sushi-making class at Sushi Bar Yachiyo is taught by the president and master sushi chef, Chef Kazuki. During the class, students will learn how to make five different types of sushi: nigiri sushi, maki sushi, gunkan maki, temaki sushi, and inari sushi.

At the end of the sushi-making class, everyone will eat lunch together and have the opportunity to ask the host questions about sushi.


  • Make 5 types of sushi, including nigiri and tamagoyaki sushi
  • Learn sushi-making in a historic 100-year-old restaurant, Sushi Bar Yachiyo
  • Learn two traditional methods of crafting sushi

4. Make Nigiri, Sushi Rolls, and Japanese Side Dishes

Make Nigiri, Sushi Rolls, and Japanese Side Dishes

This sushi-making class encompasses more than just handcrafting sushi from scratch. In this in-depth class, you will learn how to make different types of sushi, along with dashi, miso soup, and side dishes.

The class starts by learning about the ingredients and seasonings used in the process. Students will be able to make flawless rice that elevates the overall taste and appeal of the sushi.

After making their own sushi, students can participate in sake-tasting or matcha-making to cap off the experience.


  • Learn how to make perfect nigiri and sushi rolls
  • Make dashi and miso soup alongside the sushi
  • Participate in a sake-tasting or matcha-making class afterward

5. Tour of Tsukiji Market & Sushi-Making Experience

Tour of Tsukiji Market & Sushi-Making Experience 2

With a chance to tour Japan’s most famous market, this sushi-making experience is the most unique you can sign up for.

In this class, students will not only learn to make sushi but also to choose and purchase the best and freshest fish for their dish. As students go through the tour, they learn about the history and culture of sushi and the Tsukiji market.

Tour of Tsukiji Market & Sushi-Making Experience 2

With only a few hours and expert tools, you can master sushi-making basics. You will learn to make three types of sushi: nigiri, gunkan maki, and hosomaki. Regardless of skill, the class will adjust to the student’s needs.


  • Take a tour through Tsukiji Market, Japan’s most famous market
  • Buy freshly caught tuna for your sushi meal
  • Practice sushi-making under the guidance of a licensed instructor
  • Receive sushi kits to take home as souvenirs

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6. Decorative Tokyo Sushi Class

Decorative Tokyo Sushi Class

Sushi is a beloved Japanese cuisine, and this unique decorative sushi class takes it to the next level.

Students will learn how to make two different types of decorative sushi designs: a frog and a flower. They will also learn how to make a delicious dessert to enjoy after their sushi creations. This is the ideal activity for families or friends who want to learn how to make sushi together.

This is the perfect class for people who want to unleash their creativity in cooking.


  • Learn how to make two decorative sushi: kawaii frog and flower-shaped sushi
  • Enjoy your aesthetic sushi with desserts at the end of class

7. Become a Sushi Chef in a Sushi Restaurant in Tokyo

Become a Sushi Chef in a Sushi Restaurant in Tokyo (Private)

This sushi-making class goes beyond teaching sushi, as it gives students an entertaining and educational show.

In this private experience, students will see how a pro chef cuts and breaks down a whole fish into manageable pieces. After the fish has been cut up, everyone can make their own nigiri sushi and temakizushi with the guidance of the chef.

Students will also be able to taste real wasabi, a unique experience that not many can afford.

At the end of the class, everyone will get valuable souvenirs, a certificate, fun memories, and photos to remember it by.


  • Enjoy a fish-cutting show where the chef butchers a whole fish,
  • Learn about Japanese dining etiquette
  • Try honwasabi (real wasabi), which is a rare and luxurious opportunity

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8. Flying Gourmet Seafood Cooking Class with Captain Mikio

Flying Gourmet Seafood Cooking Class with Captain Mikio

In this cooking class, students will embark on a culinary journey led by Captain Mikio, an experienced chef passionate about sharing Japanese cuisine and culture. The class is not limited to Japanese cuisine, as Captain Mikio shares cooking techniques and styles from around the world.

To start the class, students will visit a market where they will learn how to identify fresh fish. With the perfect catch in hand, students will delve into handling and preparing whole fish, exploring various culinary styles and flavors.

The dishes taught in this class change depending on the season, but Captain Mikio is generous in sharing some of his more than a hundred recipes.


  • Learn how to tell what sashimi-grade sushi looks like with the help of an expert
  • Learn about Japanese kitchen knives
  • Discover cuisines from around the world

9. Guided Sushi Making Class in the Center of Tokyo

Guided Sushi Making Class in the Center of Tokyo

For those who want to explore sushi-making without a lot of idea about it, this is the perfect class. The instructors tailor the class to the needs and expertise of each student.
In this class, everyone will make 3 types of sushi: hosomaki, gunkan, and nigiri sushi.

Despite needing years to master the sushi-making process, this class allows students to grasp the basics through step-by-step guidance by the instructor.

Once students get their fruits of labor, they may choose to upgrade their experience with a sake-tasting session.


  • Make 3 different types of sushi: hosomaki sushi, gunkan sushi, and nigiri sushi
  • Learn about the history of sushi and proper hygiene techniques in making sushi

10. Sustainable Vegetable Temari Sushi Cooking Class in Asakusa

There are many sushi-making classes in Tokyo. However, it’s not easy to find one that’s vegan-friendly. This sustainable cooking class is vegan-friendly and also features locally-produced vegetables.

The cooking instructor, Wakahara Ayaka, is a tourism professional passionate about plant-based cuisine. She will teach students how to make colorful and easy-to-recreate temari sushi or sushi balls. These sushi balls are then topped with delicately cut vegetables and arranged in beautiful patterns, giving them a visually appealing look.


  • Learn how to make a vegan meal, including temari sushi
  • Use ingredients that come from local farmers
  • Enjoy the experience while overlooking the Asakusa-bashi skyline

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11. Nigiri Sushi Making Class in Tokyo

Nigiri Sushi Making Class in Tokyo

Step into sushi-making basics with this nigiri sushi-making class in Tokyo. It’s the perfect class for big groups of friends as the place can accommodate a large number of people.

Everyone in the class will learn how to mix vinegar into the rice perfectly. Within a few hours, students will be experts at shaping sushi into the right nigiri form. Students can also choose the ingredient to use to top off the sushi.

The great thing about this class is that it also teaches students to make sushi from ingredients other than raw fish, such as tofu and vegetables.


  • Learn about sushi preparation techniques and Japanese ingredients
  • Enjoy a cooking class with a big group
  • Make nigiri sushi from scratch by hand

12. Homemade Sushi Making Class in Tokyo

Homemade Sushi Making Class in Tokyo

Sushi in the Western world and Japan are two very different things. This class gives an in-depth look at how the two differ.

Before creating their own sushi, students will watch the instructor make sushi from scratch. The instructor is fluent in English, which cannot be said about many sushi-making classes. This means that this class is open even to foreigners who don’t know the Japanese language but still want to immerse themselves in the culture.

After mastering the basics of homemade sushi, students get to sit down and enjoy their creations.


  • Make your own sushi with the help of an English-speaking cooking instructor
  • Enjoy your sushi with a side of miso soup after class
  • Learn about the history and different styles of sushi

I hope you enjoyed our list of the best sushi-making classes in Tokyo.

These local sushi classes are a fantastic way to dive into Japan’s rich history and culture. What better way to know more about the beautiful country than by learning about one of its most famous creations?

Whether you want to learn the fundamentals or want an in-depth look at Japanese cooking in general, there’s a class for you to join.

Take advantage of this opportunity to enhance your skills and gain insights into the rich Japanese culinary traditions. Join a sushi-making class in Tokyo and embark on a delicious and educational journey that will surely leave you craving more.

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