The 20 Best Things To Do In Nakameguro You Should Not Miss

Best Things To Do In Nakameguro

Nakameguro is one of the most trendy neighbourhoods in the capital city of Tokyo. It is mainly known for the Meguro River, especially during springtime, as it’s a famous hotspot for cherry blossom viewing. But this district has more to do than just viewing the sakura — there are lots to explore.

Let’s discover it together with our selection the 20 best things to do in Nakameguro!

1. Stroll down the canal

Nakameguro Meguro River Canal

Whether it’s springtime or not, the Meguro River (which is more of a canal than a river) is a beautiful attraction with walkways on each side. One of the best things to do in Nakameguro has a nice stroll down the canal and walk by local boutiques, cafes and restaurants.

This is the same walkway that gets extremely packed during springtime as all the trees that line the river bloom cherry blossoms!

Location: Meguro River

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2. Visit the Starbucks Reserve Roastery Tokyo

Also on the Meguro River is the Starbucks Reserve Roastery Tokyo, which is the fifth Starbucks Reserve Roastery in the world. The only other outlets are in Seattle, Shanghai, Milan and New York.

Not only are you able to enjoy a nice cup of coffee from the chain, but you can also try other exclusive Starbucks drinks that can only be found at the Reserve stores. Snag a couple of Starbucks Reserve merchandise as well!

Location: Starbucks Reserve Roastery Tokyo

3. Visit the Sato Sakura Museum Tokyo

Sato Sakura Museum Tokyo

Spend a bit of time at the Sato Sakura Museum Tokyo, which can be found in the Nakameguro neighbourhood. This museum has contemporary Japanese paintings, particularly artists from the Showa era. It’s only a few minutes walk from the station, and if it’s a rainy day outside, this is the perfect activity to do in the area.

Location: Sato Sakura Museum Tokyo

4. View Mt Fuji from Meguro Sky Garden

Meguro Sky Garden

Go a little further away from Nakameguro Station and you’ll find Meguro Sky Garden. This is a round-ish building where you can go to its top floor for a 7,000-square-meter rooftop garden. From here, you get great landscape views of Tokyo and if you’re lucky, you might be able to see Mt Fuji on a clear day!

Location: Meguro Sky Garden

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5. Chill under the train tracks of Nakameguro Koukashita

Nakameguro station

A unique attraction to Nakameguro is the Nakameguro Koukashita. This is a shopping area that is right underneath the railway tracks at Nakameguro Station. There are about 28 stores and eateries, ranging from a wide cellar to a sushi restaurant. This area is also perfect for an Instagram shot or two!

6. Browse the free 3110NZ Gallery

3110NZ Gallery Art

Another gallery in this neighbourhood is 3110NZ, which is a collaboration between an art gallery called Nanzuka Underground and an omakase sushi restaurant Sushi Saito — not your average collaboration, is it? By day it’s a free art gallery, and by night it’s a sushi restaurant!

3110NZ Gallery Sushi Restaurant

Location: 3110NZ Gallery

7. Read at Nakameguro Tsutaya Books

Nakameguro Tsutaya Books

One of the highlights of this neighbourhood is Nakameguro Tsutaya Books, which is located under the railway tracks. This bookstore also has a cafe in it, where you can order a drink and sit amongst the bookshelves to enjoy it.

Location: Nakameguro Tsutaya Books

8. Have a picnic in Nakameguro Park

Nakameguro Park

Nakameguro Park is huge, with ponds and flower gardens. It even has a food health walk at the back of the park, which you should definitely check out! But the main thing you can do at this park is to have a picnic. Grab a couple of snacks and drinks from the convenience store, and a mat from Daiso, and enjoy the nice greenery and weather outdoors.

Location: Nakameguro Park

9. Check out Meguro Parasitological Museum

Meguro Parasitological Museum

The Meguro Parasitological Museum is a twenty-minute walk from Nakameguro Station, but it’s definitely worth a visit. This gallery is a free and quick exhibition of educational materials about parasites in Japan!

Location: Meguro Parasitological Museum

10. Go to a shisha bar

Chill Rug Shimokitazawa

We know that Nakameguro has cute cafes and shops all around the neighbourhood, but do you know that some of them are fancy shisha bars? One called “Chill Rug” even looks like a jungle inside! Whether you’re a smoker or not, shisha bars are actually a huge hangout space for locals, so be sure to check this one out at least!

Location: Chill Rug

11. Discover temples off the beaten path

Shokakuji Temple Nakameguro

There are dozens of temples and shrines all around Japan — Nakameguro is not short of them. If you stroll around this area leisurely, you will definitely come across a temple or two, and those finds are the best ones. One temple that’s a highlight in this area is called Shokaku-ji Temple, which is a Nichiren-sect Buddhist temple built in 1619!

Location: Shokaku-ji Temple

12. Go cafe hopping


There are so many amazing cafes in Nakameguro. In fact, this neighbourhood is known by locals to have the best cute cafes in all of Tokyo! You can get just about anything in a cafe, from pastries to pasta and pizzas. John’s Ice Cream Tokyo is a local favourite for inventive ice cream flavours, and Flour + Water is great for pastries!

Location: John’s Ice Cream Tokyo, Flour + Water

13. Try local coffee shops

Onibus Coffee Nakameguro Cafe

Coffee is a huge part of Japanese culture, and this neighbourhood is the hot spot for trendy and hipster coffee shops. Onibus Coffee is a famous one, known for its single-origin coffee.

The shop has a traditional Japanese aesthetic, making it perfect for pictures while you enjoy your coffee. Another popular coffee shop in this neighbourhood is called Streamer Coffee, and is a popular hangout spot among locals and expats alike.

Locations: Onibus Coffee, Streamer Coffee

14. Shop at local boutiques and thrift stores

Nakameguro Thrift Shop

Nakameguro is famous for its cute boutiques that not only line the walkway by the Meguro River, but also streets off the main one. If you are looking to shop from local brands, both new products and vintage ones, this neighbourhood is the place for it.

15. Enjoy local craft beer

Baird Beer Nakameguro Taproom

On top of cafes and coffee shops, Nakameguro has an amazing craft beer scene. There are dozens of craft beer bars that are worth the visit, especially if you’re a big fan of beer. One to keep in mind is Baird Taproom, where they have their own brews as well as guest beers including Brewdog and Rogue.

Location: Baird Taproom

16. Satisfy your sweet cravings at dessert cafes

Happy Pudding Nakameguro

Japan has a lot of dessert cafes, and Nakameguro specifically has a ton of them too! If you have a sweet tooth, you have to explore the cute dessert cafes in this area where you can try unique desserts that can only be found here. One is called Happy Pudding, where you can get custard puddings made of Nihon Ichi Kodawari Tamago!

Location: Happy Pudding

17. Shop for antiques

Jantiques Nakameguro

There are tons of unique and cool shops in Nakameguro. Among them are vintage and antique stores that are packed with retro products. Some can be very cheap but some can also be extremely expensive due to their exclusivity.

One shop that is recommended is called Jantiques, and you can get retro American clothing and interior good that are still in good condition!

Location: Jantiques

18. Dip in a public bath

Kohmeisen Onsen

An experience that you have to try in Japan is going to a public bath, and there is one hidden gem in Nakameguro. This public onsen bath is called Kohmeisen. It has been running for 45 years now and has been recently refurbished but its third-generation owners.

Kohmeisen Onsen

On top of the onsen baths, they also have sauna rooms and an open-air bath where you can look up at the sky!

Location: Kohmeisen

19. Stuff your face with affordable sushi

Iroha Sushi

When in Japan, you have to eat sushi, and Nakameguro has one of the best places for it. The restaurant named Iroha Sushi is located along the Meguro River and offers affordable fresh sushi.

They have lunch deals that start from 1,000 yen as well as sushi types that are easy to try for those not accustomed to eating sushi. If you come at night, this restaurant turns a little bit into an izakaya, and has “all you can drink” alcohol deals!

Location: Iroha Sushi

20. Shop for music

IRMA Records Nakameguro

While there are music chain shops all around Tokyo, you don’t really get old-school, retro music products there. In Nakameguro, there are actually a few music shops where you can browse through records and posters. One shop is called IRMA Records, an Italian-based music label. Here you can get records produced by this label, along with their merchandise.

Location: IRMA Records

This one neighbourhood already has lots to offer, and if you explore Nakameguro on your own a bit more, you’ll realise that there’s more to do than the activities we highlighted on this list! Definitely add a few of these activities to your list of things to do for your next trip to Tokyo!

If you want to visit more similar neighbourhoods in Tokyo, make sure you also explore Shimokitazawa, Sangenjaya and Koenji.

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