The 5 Best Winter Illuminations In Tokyo – 2022 / 2023

Best Winter Illuminations In Tokyo – One of the most popular activities during winter in Tokyo is to go on a night walk by the gorgeous Christmas illuminations that the city of lights has to offer! You will be mesmerized by the beauty of the thousands of lights that decorate the streets of Tokyo and the magical vibes of Christmas will enchant you.

The good thing is that a lot of the illuminations are not actually limited to the Christmas season and last sometimes until February!

So to make your life easier, we selected for you the 5 best Tokyo illuminations that you need to check out during this winter. Have fun and let us know which one was your favorite!

1. Roppongi Hills Winter Illuminations

You may have seen them in the cover picture of this article, the winter illuminations of Roppongi Hills are absolutely fantastic.

Best Winter Illuminations in Tokyo Japan 2020 - Roppongi Hills 1

The lights decorate Keyakizaka Street beautifully and one of the best spots to admire them is from behind the Roppongi Hills tower. From there, you will also have an amazing view of Tokyo Tower!

Best Winter Illuminations in Tokyo Japan 2020 - Roppongi Hills 2

2. Tokyo Midtown Roppongi Winter Illuminations

We’re still in the same neighborhood, now visiting the gorgeous Roppongi Midtown illumination. They really took it to the next level in 2022 by installing a big snow globe and some interactive games. The illuminations are scheduled from the 17th of November to the 25th of December 2022 and stay on until 11 pm.

Tokyo Midtown Winter Illuminations in Roppongi

Also, note that there’s a great ice rink just next to the illumination spots.

Best Winter Illuminations in Tokyo Japan 2020 - Roppongi Midtown

3. Tokyo Midtown Hibiya Winter Illuminations

Don’t get confused, this place is also called Tokyo Midtown (the same company that runs both buildings) but this one is actually located in Hibiya and not in Roppongi. As you can see, with all the amazing lights on the trees, it feels like you’re in a fairy tale. If you are in Tokyo, it’s a must-go destination in winter 2022-2023!

4. Marunouchi Winter Illuminations (Tokyo Station)

Best Winter Illuminations in Tokyo Japan 2020 - Marunouchi Tokyo Station

Not too far from Hibiya, you’ll find the very popular Marunouchi winter illuminations. This year, they are actually celebrating their 21st anniversary with no less than 2 million lights of a beautiful champagne gold color. Fancy, isn’t it?

The cool thing is that they are using eco-illuminations which use 65% less energy than normal lights. Eco-friendly indeed!

5. Yebisu Garden Place Winter Illuminations

Best Winter Illuminations in Tokyo Japan 2020 - Yebisu Garden Place 1
Yebisu Garden Place is a very popular destination for couples during winter in Tokyo! In addition to the gorgeous illuminations, there’s a long and romantic red carpet, a huge 10-meter high Christmas tree, and the biggest Baccarat chandelier in the world! Its height is 5 meters and it has around 8 472 crystal parts!

Best Winter Illuminations in Tokyo Japan 2020 - Yebisu Garden Place 2

At 5 pm, the chandelier will be lit every 30 minutes so don’t miss the show!

That was our top 5, folks! We hope you enjoyed this list and I’m sure you can’t wait to see these beautiful Tokyo winter illuminations and get some cool selfies here and there!

By the way, all those events are free!

Enjoy your winter in Tokyo and take care!


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