Hotels In Japan Offers HUGE Discounts to… ALIENS!?

Hotels Japan Discount Aliens Oita 4

Japan will never fail to surprise us..

Yes, you read it right! Hotels in Japan will give you a significant discount if you claim you don’t come from the Planet Earth. At the check-in, you will need to say “uchujin desu” which translates to “I’m an alien” and you will be given BIG discounts (up to ¥10.000).

The hotels are all located in Oita prefecture, a paradise for onsen lovers. And it’s not a coincidence..

Indeed, Oita airport will soon become the first horizontal space port to open in Asia. As the name suggests it, an horizontal space port launch rockets and satellites horizontally instead of vertically and the first launch will take place around early 2022 ( in collaboration with the American company Virgin Orbit).

Oita Space Port
©2020 canaria, dentsu, noiz, Space Port Japan Association

Well, as you may know, Omotenashi (hospitality) is a big part of Japanese culture and in the preparation of welcoming these potential new visitors via the new Oita space port, Oita hotels started this very original discount campaign.

Hotels Japan Discount Aliens Oita 2

While the story may sound quiet funny, the discounts are actually very real! Every hotels partners offer different kind of discounts on their services and to get to know all the hotels participating to this campaign, check out this official website.

Don’t forget to claim you are an alien with a very convincing face.

Hotels Japan Discount Aliens Oita 3

I think we all agree that it’s “only in Japan” where we can see this kind of promotional projects and that’s why we all LOVE this country so much!

And the promotion actually worked cause some hotels already welcomed at least one alien in their facilities. You can see him enjoy onsen in Oita on this Instagram account.

Hotels Japan Discount Aliens Oita 1

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