Shiba Area Guide – Discover This Relaxing Neighbourhood In Central Tokyo

Tokyo Tower - Shiba Area Guide

Today, we will visit together one of my favorite area in Tokyo: Shiba! Don’t get confused, I’m not talking about Chiba prefecture but Shiba district that is located in central Tokyo!

What I love above anything else here is the relaxing and enjoyable atmosphere. Despite the fact that we are in the middle of one of the biggest cities in the world, you feel calm and in peace when you hang out in Shiba. This is probably thanks to all the beautiful parks that you can visit here.

With its central location and tranquil vibes, Shiba is a great option for your travel accommodation. And if you live already in Tokyo, go there just to relax and to breath some fresh air while staying in the city.

The 6 Best Things To Do In Shiba

While the best activity to do in Shiba is just to hang out here and there, there are still some places that you shouldn’t miss. Let’s check them out together below.

1. Zojoji Temple

Shiba Area Guide - Zojoji Temple Gate

Zojoji temple is the spiritual heart of Shiba and you should definitely check it out at some point. You can’t miss it with its huge red gate (Sangedatsumon) that marks the entrance to the temple.

It’s the head temple of the Buddhist sect “Jodo” and it was originally built in 1393. In 1598, the shogun Tokugawa Ieyasu (one of Japan’s most influential historical figures) relocated the temple to its current location when he entered Edo (Tokyo).

During Edo period, Zojoji temple was the family temple of the Tokugawa family and you can see there the family mausoleum located at the back of the site.

Zojoji Temple Tokyo Tower

In addition to its historical importance, the architecture of the temple is fabulous.

Fun Fact: As the Tokyo tower is behind the temple, you can capture the old and new Tokyo in one shot!

2. Nishimukikannon

Nishimukikannon Shrine

While you visit Zojoji temple, don’t miss the Nishimuki-kannon shrine that is located just next to the temple. You will be able to see a large number of cute statues that represent Jizo Bosatsu-Shinto deity. A lot of them are covered by a hat and a scarf and they also have a small wind mill next to them that produces a pleasant sound.

Nishimukikannon Shrine

This shrine is actually dedicated to the children that have been lost and Jizo is supposed to guide their souls in the after-life.

3. Shiba Park

Shiba Park

Shiba park is the main park of the area and its popularity is growing year after year. Tokyoites enjoy here the greenery and the beautiful view on Tokyo tower. The park become quite busy during the weekend as people organise picnics, play badminton and just have fun together.

If it’s a sunny day, get some food and drinks and come relax at Shiba park!

4. Tokyo Tower

Tokyo Tower

While exploring Shiba area, you won’t be able to miss Tokyo tower as you will be able to see it from all the neighbourhood. By day or by night, a view on Tokyo tower is always enjoyable and perfect for some photo souvenirs.

Tokyo Tower Night

If you like skyline views, get to the top of Tokyo tower for an impressive panoramic view on all the city. To access the main deck (150m), you would need to pay an entrance fee of 1200 yen.

5. The Terrace of Le Pain Quotidien

Le Pain Quotidien Shiba 1

Starting to get hungry? Let’s go to one of my favorite terrace in Tokyo! It’s part of the bakery Le Pain Quotidien and the atmosphere here is so cool. In addition, the quality of the bread is AMAZING and should I suggest the chicken tartine or the salmon & avocado one. Or both!

Le Pain Quotidien Shiba 2

Le Pain Quotidien has a lot of quality Belgium products including the famous beer Leffe which is quite difficult to find in Tokyo. Don’t miss their cakes, a bit pricey but definitely worth it!

6. Kyu-Shiba Rikyu Gardens

Kyu Shiba Rikyu Gardens

What I love in Shiba is the amount of parks and gardens that you can find. You really don’t feel that you are in the center of Tokyo. If you want to visit a more traditional Japanese garden, get to Kyu-Shiba Rikyu!

What is quite surprising in this garden is the fact that it’s surrounded by tall modern buildings. Here as well, you will have that old / new feeling that is so typical of Tokyo!

You’ll find here all the features of a classic Japanese garden so make sure you visit is for a relaxing and zen experience.

Note that there’s a fee of 150 yen to pay at the entrance and the garden close at 5pm.

Where To Stay In Shiba, Tokyo

Shiba Park Hotel 1

Now that you are convinced to stay in Shiba during your next trip to Tokyo, you may ask what would be the best hotel? One of my favorite is definitely the Shiba Park Hotel!

It’s located right at the center of the neighbourhood, just 3 minutes away from the train station Onarimon (Mita Line). From here, you can access so many popular Tokyo sightseeing spots within minutes!

Shiba Park Hotel 2

It was originally founded in 1948 but they recently renovated the hotel to transform it into a “hotel library”.  Indeed, they included around 1500 books to the hotel and they are all available for the guests.

In addition to the beautiful decor that the bookcases created, it’s also actually so pleasant to read the books while you relax at the hotel. Most of them are focused on Japanese culture (modern and traditional) and were written by popular Japanese artists so you will learn so many new things during your stay.

Shiba Park Hotel 2

You can even take the books in your room and read them from the confort of your bed.

The hotel restaurant called “The Dining” is also great and they serve Japanese, Chinese or Western cuisine.

Shiba Park Hotel Restaurant

Last but not least, the prices at Shiba Park Hotel are really affordable for the quality of services they provide. Amazing value for money!

Now, you know everything there is to know about Shiba area in Tokyo. All you have to do is pack your stuff and visit this beautiful area in Tokyo. If you feel a bit stressed or overwhelmed by other busy districts in Tokyo, come and find peace at Shiba!

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