Starbucks Japan Released New Tumblers & Mugs For Local Prefectures | Been There Series

Starbucks Japan are notorious to sell beautiful products with creative designs. The Sakura or Momiji mugs for example are super popular and are sold out super fast!

But Starbucks Japan didn’t have its “Been There” series yet! This year, they finally released their own “Been There” series with 20 new designs for mugs, tumblers and cards. These designs feature 19 prefectures (+1 for Japan as a country) and are available ONLY in each prefecture.

Starbucks Japan Been There Series Mug Tumblers Cards

If you are a collector, it’s time to travel!

The timing of the launch is probably not a coincidence. The state of emergency has recently been lifted in Japan and the government want to slowly encourage people to travel within the country in order to revive the economy.

Now, we have one more reason to discover or re-discover the prefectures of Japan!

To get back to the Been There series, we select 5 designs that the team at Sugoii Japan really love!

1. Tokyo

Starbucks Japan Been There Series Tumbler Tokyo

We are probably a bit biased as we all live in Tokyo but who would disagree that the Tokyo design is super cool? It features the Kaminarimon gate of Sensoji temple, Sakura petals, Ginkgo leafs, Nakameguro and Meguro river, the panda of Ueno zoo, etc…

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2. Osaka

Starbucks Japan Been There Series Mug Osaka

On Osaka mug, we can obviously see takoyaki, more Japanese street food and Ebisubashi, a popular party neighbourhood in the south part of the city.

3. Okinawa

Starbucks Japan Been There Series Mug Okinawa

We couldn’t miss the Okinawa tumbler with its kawaii shisa (lion-like guardians), a manta ray, beautiful beaches, a traditional dancer and a sanshin (local shamisen).

4. Nagoya

Starbucks Japan Been There Series Mug Nagoya

We also found the Nagoya mug very cute! It features a lot of local food including miso nikomi udon, the 2 golden carps that you can see on top of Nagoya castle and the city skyline.

5. Hiroshima

Starbucks Japan Been There Series Mug Hiroshima

We finish this top 5 with the Hiroshima mug. We can see here momiji leaves, okonomiyaki, lemons, oranges and oysters.

Here are the full list of prefectures that have been featured in this “Been There Series” in Japan:

  1. Tokyo
  2. Yokohama
  3. Osaka
  4. Kyoto
  5. Nagoya
  6. Okinawa
  7. Hokkaido
  8. Fukuoka
  9. Nara
  10. Gifu
  11. Hiroshima
  12. Kanazawa
  13. Kobe
  14. Kumamoto
  15. Nagano
  16. Nagasaki
  17. Oita
  18. Sendai
  19. Tochigi

We regret a little bit that all the prefectures of Japan have not been represented here. But maybe 47 was a bit too much?

Discover all the products of this campaign in Starbucks Japan website.

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